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Y'all really should check out my weatherpixie (which, of course, I stole from mistertibbs & get your own. It's so cool! You post it in your journal, & as your local temp changes, your pixie changes clothes! Way cool! OK, so I'm easily entertained, but still.

So Alan (my cruise ship romance...."fling" really wouldn't be fair, since all we did was kiss) has called me two days in a row. I think he's really snookered on me. He's such a cutie. He called me Sunday night from New Jersey (where his sister lives), & then called me again yesterday. He's supposed to call me again today. He's going to try to get permission to come to California in December before he goes back to his ship. If not, he's hoping to get a visa approved to come spend some time with me by the time he gets his next 2 1/2 month break (around June-ish). That would be nice....but it's awfully hard to predict the way things will be by then. I mean, I could be involved (yeah, RIIIIIIIIGHT) or he could be. One cannot predict that far in advance. I also hope to have some money to take a cruise on his ship & spend time with him....IF he can get me his discount. THAT would be SO awesome. I love cruises, & I'd love to spend time with him again. He's a good guy. It's just sweet...we had long talks about how the last time he'd dated, he'd gotten really hurt...and then he started viewing women as "evil"...and he said I changed his mind (I know, little does he know, hahaha).

We'll see.

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