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So tonight is my dress rehearsal for Haunt. About half the maze performers are in tonight, & the other half is allowed to come in & watch us. That's the most pressure, because you have the other monsters critiquing you, instead of just guests. You can't scare these people...not that I plan to really be that scary anyway. I seriously have no idea what I am going to do.

I can't wait to see what I look like, though!!! YAAAY! I'm gonna look eerie! Part of my costume hasn't arrived yet, though. :-( Maybe it will get here tomorrow, I should have it in time for the opening night, anyway.

I am stoked about one thing. They don't give the Haunt workers anywhere to leave their valuables. They say that anything you don't want stolen, you have to wear on your person. So if you bring a wallet, cellphone, whatever...you have to find a way to keep it on you, without taking away from the costume. I am not taking much, just my cellphone, my wallet, & my keys. That's it. The bare minimum. So I was trying to figure out how in the world I would carry my cellphone on me without it bulking out. Then I thought of something. I asked my buddy, Kenny, who's the usher shift leader, if I could borrow a tiny portion of his locker during Haunt. He has a locker right by the Entertainment office, which is directly across from my maze. He said he doesn't even use it, so I can use the whole thing, & he gave me his combo. Sweeeeeeet! So I can just walk in, put my stuff in that locker, & head over to wardrobe & make-up! I don't have to carry anything on me! YAAAAAY! That's great!

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