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No pictures yet. I didn't realize this, but they weren't doing make-up tonight, just costumes, so I didn't bother taking any pictures. The costume alone just looks silly. I was like, "Ummmm....you want me to be scary with just my regular face?" Yeah, yeah, smartass comments aside about how scary my real face IS, let's be honest, it's really not. I have that cherubic, Alice in Wonderland face. I DO hear I have a "look" that I can give people that's really scary, but that look has to be provoked, it cannot be forced (ask cypher & chappell, they have seen it).

First of all, they kept changing out date & time of the dress rehearsal. I could have SWORN that I heard "6PM" at the orientation. Turns out the call was 5:30. Whooops. Great first impression for my new supervisor. Oh well. They understood the confusion. I go to get my purty costume....ewwwww....so not pretty. I change into it & come out wearing my purty little neon yellow wig (I guess they are thinking neon yellow is close to blonde, & Alice's hair went curly when she lost her mind & turned into Malice). Doooodes...the wig is crazy.

So then we head over to the maze. I get shown my place, which IS where I thought it was. I am the first Malice you see (so if you come to Haunt, the first one you see is me, unless I am on a break, of course). I am technically behind this little barricaded area, but I am allowed to run around a bit within my area. I have already made a few "friendly acquaintance" in my area. The rabbits run around my area, so I get to play with them....I chased them, they chased me, I stabbed them, etc. Of course, that was when there wasn't anyone walking through the maze. They kept telling me to "be scary" but first of all, I ain't gonna scare hardly anyone. I plan to be "eerie," not "scary." I have no delusions of grandeur. I am not a scary person. Secondly, how can you scare jaded people? The "suits" (supervisors) who walked through tonight work the Haunt event EVERY night, EVERY year, year after year. They don't get scared anymore. And then monsters from the other mazes came through....yeah, I'm gonna scare some freaks who drive hearses & sleep in coffins at home. Uh-huh.

Actually, though, I think I tripped some people out. Not "scared" really, but freaked them out. I was sitting on the barricade, playing with my bloody knife, & just smiling & laughing all crazy at them. Every once in a while, I would kinda swing out, so I was right in their face. What's trippy is that I am wearing a HUGE neon yellow wig in blacklight & they are wearing 3D glasses. So when I swing into their face, the hair is a little frightening...and my teeth are so white, they glow, too....as will my white contacts when I get them. I imagine I will get more comfortable as time goes along, & will wander around my area...but sitting on this barricade worked well for me. I'm so tiny, sitting on that put me at most people's eye level, & like I said, my goal is to just look psychotic. I can freak people out.

But before people started going through, I was running around, playing with my rabbits. We chased each other up & down the halls, etc. Let me tell you something pathetic. My legs are tired & KILLING me right now. That's what horrible shape I'm in. I haven't done much physical stuff since my trip to AL, & before that, nothing either. This event will GET me in shape, I think. My back was killing me from standing that long (cause I have been sitting on my ass for weeks), & my feet & legs are sooo tired & sore. *sigh* Methinks I need to take some ibuprofen before work each night, for the first week or so.

My rabbits are really cool. One of them was a Malice last year & she was helpful. The other 3 are cool, too, & old pros. And there is a guy "hidden" in my room, & he was playful, too. There is one blackout who has taken a liking to me (Richard), & one who everyone calls "mom" who is really cool. She's an older lady, & I hear she's really protective of her monsters. She's really cool. I still can't hang out backstage in our "break area" cause everyone smokes like mad, but at least it's not in the maze.

Oh lordy, the background "music" in my room is gonna drive me nuts. The rest of the maze gets a loud techno-ish version of "White Rabbit" or whatever that song is by Jefferson Starship/Airplane, but *I* get to listen to loud maniacal laughter & growls all night. It sounds like a little girl (Malice) & some men laughing over & over again. Ai-yi-yi. I can't believe I have to listen to that all night....but it does give me something to play with when I am looking like I am laughing, out of my mind.

I think this event is really going to tire me out (I felt like I had run around for hours & hours...and only an hour & a half had gone by)...and I doubt I will ever do it again. But it will certainly be nothing short of a fascinating experience! It will certainly take some getting used to.

My shift is 4:45PM-1:15AM on Thursdays & Sundays (so if you go, go into my maze before 1AM...and if I'm on break, go back in!!!), & 4:45PM-1:45AM on Fri/Sat. nights. Yikes. Have I mentioned that I am a morning person???

All my co-workers & supervisors got a kick out of seeing me in the maze. That was amusing.

One of my supervisors/friends, Jeff, is gonna go through the mazes with me tomorrow night. *tremble* I am going to try to be as brave as possible & go through as many mazes as I can handle. One thing that might make it easier is that they won't be wearing make-up tomorrow night, either....I mean, people still wear masks, but no make-up, so the people who are just made up freaky won't be. I think I can manage Dominion of the Dead...I am hoping to watch the Spider opening show, but NOT go through the maze itself. I won't make it through that one without passing out or pissing myself (I'm an arachniphobe). I MIGHT can attempt Horrorwood, just because I made it through that one before (it's an awful one, though...really icky). I don't know about the Mystery Lodge one...and I don't know if I can go through the ride-through ones (Mine Ride & Log Ride). We'll see. I KNOW I will not go over to Camp Snoopy & will not go in that maze...and I don't know if I could handle The Underground. I also don't think I could make it through the psycho clown maze...that one's 3D, too...but I don't like scary clowns. Can you say, "Nightmare?" I have been through the Alien Attack maze before...of course, I was CARRIED through & kept my eyes closed, but still. I might just end up watching the Hanging show & call it a night. I WOULD like to watch how other people scare, though. Of course, I am easy to scare.

Luckily, my maze isn't too scary, not where I am. I think it's just freaky when you are wearing those 3D glasses. They used really trippy paint & painted it in really trippy ways...it's not that scary when you walk through without the glasses. And because of the blacklight, my area is really well lit. It's not remotely dark. It's dark after you leave me & before you get to me, down the tunnel & stuff.

Hey, if you come in, when you come out of the "rabbit hole" tunnel (which is frickin' trippy & will surely make some people sick), there is a toilet seat stuck into the wall. Open it. :-) People were just passing it by, not paying any attention to it, but it's really funny!

Sooooooooooo exhausted............
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