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Jumbled thoughts....

Another Thanksgiving alone....

But oddly enough, that's okay.

I have never been big into Thanksgiving. I mean, I remember having big Thanksgiving Day lunches with my family growing up. But since I have been in Cali, I haven't had any such thing. I don't have any family out here, & I don't like to impose upon friends. I do have lots of friends who invite me to their family's lunches....but I just don't feel right about that. Lots of aunts & uncles & grandmas & grandpas & cousins whom I don't know. I just feel that Thanksgiving lunches should be family, plus married relations.

So...what am I doing for Thanksgiving day? Same as always....WORKING! Theme park workers don't get holidays off, & for the last 10 years +, I have been working for theme parks. I have never minded working holidays, cause (1) I have nothing else to do, & (2) I get holiday pay! Oh, but that's a whole 'nother vent!

We are supposed to get full-time work for the Xmas holidays. But because I work with girls who are all in college---and therefore unavailable during the day---I get gypped. I get holiday pay today...and I only get a 3 hour shift. A lousy, measly 3 hour shift. So, at time & a half, I am getting LESS than I would for a regular, weekend day full shift. That sucks BIG TIME, & I have repeated expressed my displeasure to everyone about it. I desperately need money right now....and I don't even get a full day for Thanksgiving Day! Ridiculous! So I am sitting here eating King's Hawaiian rolls & cream cheese...and watching shows I have taped.

Speaking of that....holy smokes!!!! I just caught the end of "Buffy" that I had taped from Tuesday night. I was re-winding the tape back to watch "Roswell" (I keep the copies of "Buffy"), & caught the end of it. AMAZING! HELLOO!!!???!!!!???!!
Ohmigosh! Was that HOT or what? I am loving the pairing of Buffy & Spike, & it's a long time in the making. Spike has loved Buffy for a while now, but she---understandably---had no romantic interest in him. He IS a vampire, after all. And not one with a soul, like Angel. But I have always thought he was HOT & VERY sexy. So the past two episodes, Buffy & Spike have kissed. First, at the end of the musical episode. And then, at the end of the last episode, they were smoochin' again (or was that the same episode? I forget....). So, now I have re-winded back to the beginning of Tuesday's episode....Spike keeps trying to convince Buffy that he's the only one there for her. And she keeps walking away from him. They just showed a funny scene where Buffy was trying to see over some tall people in a crowd, & she was jumping up & down trying to see over them (the story of my life). OK, now Buffy just called Spike a "thing...an evil disgusting thing." Now that's odd....cause she dated & fell in love with another "thing"...Angel. And Spike really isn't a bad guy anymore, he helps out Buffy's team, & saves Buffy a lot, in particular. But the ending of this episode....okay, I will need aunticrist to confirm this for me, but I THINK Buffy & Spike were having sex! It certainly appeared that way! It was the last scene of the show, & Buffy & Spike were kicking each other's asses. She would punch him, & then he'd bitchslap her. Then she'd kiss him. And then she'd punch him again. On & on....& suddenly, Buffy was on top of Spike, straddling him (he was standing), & I SWEAR I heard a VERY subtle zipper sound....and suddenly, Buffy was gyrating & makes moaning sounds, & so was Spike. They were pounding so hard against the walls, that the place they were in was falling apart. Suddenly, Buffy lurched forward, & they fell together through the floor to the basement, Buffy still on top of Spike, & still gyrating! OK....so what was THAT all about? Was what I *thought* was happening actually happening??? HOT!!!!!! They have a lot of chemistry & it was a great scene! I just can't stop using the word HOT! Yowwieeee!

I gotta go get ready for work soon. I have lots more to talk about...but no time now. Good thing I only have a 3 hour shift tonight!!!! (hour drive there.....3 hour shift.....hour drive home....spend more on gas than I get for the shift!) **sigh**

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