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Haunt rehearsal was interesting last night.

I wore my white contacts & freaked everyone out. One supervisor didn't even want to look at me.

I went over to the mine ride, & dragged Trent along to protect me (he's a tech). I got scared a few times, but then again, didn't sit up & look at much, either. There was one point where there was stuff hanging from the ceiling, & it dragged on your face & felt really icky as you went by. You couldn't see it, just felt it. Creepy. Made it through that maze.

Then on to the log ride. There was a monster in the queue line that scared me so badly my legs gave out, & I almost pulled Trent to the ground on top of me. Of course, when they see you're that scared, they follow you. The log ride wasn't that scary because they turned the lights on (the fire marshall was checking things out), & it's not so scary when you can see the monsters. Made it through that.

Then on to the Underground maze in Fiest Village. I wasn't sure I wanted to attempt this one. But Jeff & Trent dragged me through (the other suits were still at the log ride, so some of the monsters weren't even in place or bothering to be scary). At one point, the lights were out (weren't supposed to be) & it was so dark, we were bumping into walls & had to use Trent's lighter to find the way. I learned that there is a monster hiding behind almost every corner, so I was kinda ready for them (they'd still startle me, though, just not as badly). A few made me jump. And I saw the position I want during Haunt next year. There were some sweet go-go dancers on a platform, & some inside a cage, wearing black vinyl. How cool it would be to just dance all night...and how much weight I would lose! Jeff said it I made it through this year, I can do anything I want next year! Sweet!
Made it through that....but it wasn't as scary as it would normally be.

Then on to the Inquisition. I decided to not go through that one. But only because it wasn't ready. They didn't have sound or lights working, & by the time it was ready, Jeff wanted to move on to the Balloon Race maze, so I just went on with him.

The Balloon Race maze wasn't finished. The first half looked ok, but the second half was pretty awful, stuff laying around. The monsters are most vamps, & since they weren't doing make-up, guys were trying to scare me with just their regular faces. Granted, a lot of people doing Haunt HAVE regular scary faces. :-) But it wasn't as scary without make-up. Some of them still startled me, naturally. A few jumped out at me, & I was like, "You'll be scarier with make-up." A few who scared me followed me. There was a weird but cool girl dancing in a clear box. Sandy, a co-worker, was the Queen Vamp...she was in a coffin, & looked cool. There was a girl on a hydraulic thingy that was kinda cool. I thought about doing that, but that would get old. Jeff also said you have to be 180 pounds to be a bungee jumper, so I couldn't do that even if I wanted to. At the end, a monster followed me out until I told him to go away.

Everyone was really proud of me for even being there! That's a big step for me! Granted, there were no street monsters, no scary music, no fog...but still.

Saw a bare-bones rehearsal of the Hanging. Looks like it might be kinda funny. Really hard to tell.

Then I saw the Ed Alonzo Show, which is replacing the Elvira show. Ummm...Elvira who? The Ed Alonzo Show ROCKED! The singers were awesome (it means something for me to say that), the songs were cool, the dancing rocked, the dancer's bodies were HOT, & Ed was hysterical as always (I have met him many times, he's crazy!). He knows how to handle hecklers, knows how to improv...what an improvement from Elvira. I had seen most of his tricks many times before, but a couple were new ones. It was a great show! Make sure to see it if you go. A guy I worked with at Disneyland is one of the dancers...he's the one who's always tumbling.

Can't wait to see what my first night is like! I know I will look freaky now, with the eyes & make-up! Pictures tomorrow!!!

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