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Jumbled thoughts, Part 2

So tomorrow is this so-called "Black Tuesday." I think people are dumb---even the poor ones---to go out & fight over stuff on sale. No thanks. I actually have the day off, but other than the grocery store, I am not doing any shopping. Of course, it could be argued that I am not going shopping because I have no money. And I certainly can't argue with that. It's the truth. Another month of rent coming up with no money to pay it. **sigh** Is that sob story going to change ANY time soon? I don't know how much more I can take....and how many times can I say that statement? ;- But even if I had money....I would avoid shopping tomorrow. It just isn't worth it.

I guess I should start making a list of what I am buying for people....but yeah, like, with what money??
I have already told my sister that I am burning her some 80's CDs for Xmas. She really doesn't care, she's not a person who cares about material things. We never know what in the heck to get my grandmother (MD), cause she is so wealthy, she has everything she possibly could use. I am thinking we might get both grandparents a calendar with our picture on it...sounds vain, but grandparents love that stuff. I always get my dad some sort of fleece sweatshirt, cause he spends a lot of time in the cold mountains, & doesn't always pick out the most attractive clothing for himself. :-)

Apparently, I have a really interesting hair color. I mean, I am definitely blonde. But because I am actually a **gasp** REAL blonde, the underside doesn't see much sun, so it stays dark blonde, while the top portion gets light blonde. So when I wear my hair in braids, people keep asking me if it's my real hair. I call it "chocolate & vanilla swirl." I think it looks cool.

This guy, Adam, gave me a ring tonight. He comes to Knott's every year for the Xmas crafts festival. He sells Celtic jewelry, & he took a real liking to me. He is interested in me romantically, but it's not mutual. Super, super nice, funny Irish guy....but he's about 350 pounds...not my type. But every year, he gives me huge discounts on his jewelry, & in return, I bring all my friends over & they buy jewelry, too. So tonight was his first night there. I stopped to see him after work, & I picked out a bunch of rings I want. I know, I know, I have no money, but he barely makes me pay anything. In fact, I told him to set 3 aside for me, for me to bring my checkbook on Saturday, & he said, "Just go ahead & take the star one now....it's a gift." Such a nice guy. He once told me this funny joke, about a man who says to a woman, "Would you like to kiss me under the mistletoe?" And the woman responds, "I wouldn't kiss you under anesthetic!" He has such gorgeous rings & bracelets....last year he gave me a gorgeous necklace as a gift. And I also got an original pagan star necklace last year....it has the star within the star.

An interesting point, watching "ER".....we all know that Dr. Weaver is a lesbian. So tonight, she asks this female firefighter out on a date. Here's the interesting part....to my best knowledge, Laura Innes---who plays Dr. Weaver---is not gay. Who knows if the firefighter is....but there was honest to God chemistry between them. There was a scene where Dr. Weaver is doctoring the firefighter's hand....and there was actually crackling chemistry. Is chemistry something you can fake? Can you act or pretend chemistry? Or could it be simply that the actresses have chemistry as people (like two girls who are just friends will have "friendship chemistry"), & it comes across as sexual chemistry simply because that's what they are playing? Interesting question, anyway.

I heard an interesting subject on KFI talk radio today. Wayne Resnick was saying that missionaries are basically evil people. Not evil like the Taliban or terrorists....but evil because they are deceptive. They go into a starving country to "feed them," when really, what they want is to conform them to Christianity. "Here have some food, I know you are starving....now, let me tell you about God. God will protect you, God will provide." Well....people are dying of starvation every day. Where is God to help them? And Wayne has a point....if you are going in to preach God's message, then just be honest about it. He suggested that missionaries either back off or be upfront about what their mission is. I totally agree. He even had a reverend call in, & the reverend agreed. He said that deceitful Christians like these are the ones that give decent Christians a bad name. He said that if Christians simply lived as good people & good Christians, the religion would stand on it's own. You wouldn't need missionaries. If the Church of Latter Day Saints was all THAT great, we they need to travel to all foreign countries to preach their religion? Would Jehovah's Witnesses & Mormons need to come a knockin' on my door? I don't like people pushing their religion on me. If & when I decide that I need/want religion, & yours has a good reputation & speaks to me, *I* will seek you out! I don't need you coming to me. And frankly, as awful as this made me sound, I thought those girls in Afghanistan (or wherever it is that they were) deserved whatever punishment they got. They went into that country KNOWING that teaching of Christianity was punishable with death. They KNEW that. And they decided to take the risk in the name of Christ. So in my opinion, they should have been willing to die for that belief, for Christ, & their families should have accepted that. If it was illegal there to teach Christianity there, then they had NO business doing that. Period. You are supposed to lead people to your religion by living as a kind, decent person....leading by example. Not going around knocking on doors & shoving your religion down other people's throats. Just my opinion. I was surprised to hear someone broadcasting the same opinion over the radio.

I have another vent....but I think I shall save it for tomorrow....my only day off til next Thursday.

Quick note....got another email from the Chris in Minnesota. He got married after college, & has a 5 year old daughter, who lives with her mother, his now ex. They got divorced 3 1/2 years ago. I haven't heard back from the other Chris yet. But I do have this hysterical back & forth email game going on between me & some loser who responded with an insulting email to my personal ad. This is the exact reason I don't take the ad down, even though I am not actively looking for romance. He wrote to tell me I was too short to be so picky, or something like that, & I wrote back politely suggesting that he use the spell check feature, so that he would at least LOOK intelligent. He actually wrote me back to say that he misspells on purpose. HAHAHAHAHA

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