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Ok, here are the first Malice shots. I must say (with more to report later, like when I wake up after noon!), I totally freaked people out looking like this, & with the looks I gave them....and even genuinely scared others! *evil grin*

Did you ever think you would see this side of me (particularly if you know me in person)????

Shall I make an icon out of this, ohmyhead???? ;-Þ

Yes, I need more white make-up on my neck.

One of my faves...I look totally psycho here!

This is me JUST after my make-up was done, all fresh & pretty, trying to describe to chappell what I look like.

This is me at the end of the night...make-up rubbed off...and this is also how I went through the Carl's Jr. drive-thru....heh-heh....gotta love LA, the employees of Carl's didn't even bat an eye.

So...whattaya think? Pretty freaky & cool, huh??? My supervisor took most of those, he did a great job. :-)
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