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So last night was a blast. I am sore in many muscles, & soooo tired. But it was so much fun. The night went faster than I thought it would.
When I went outside for my breaks & walked to Crew's Nest, I had to walk through some parts of the park to get there. People who had already been through my maze would say, "There goes Malice! Hey, Malice!!!" I'd just turn & give them my psychotic glare. They were eating it up. I'd just stare at people as they passed....and some people would literally halt in their tracks to let me pass first. :-)

Some of the many, many comments I heard OVER & OVER last night:

"Dang, you're HOT!" (Not exactly the look I was going for.)
"Man, look at those tits!" (Yeah, nice & squashed in that tight dress.)
"Can I get your digits?"
"You're really pretty!"
"Dude, she's freaky!"
"Man, she's freaking me out!"
"Dude, that's TIGHT!"

I didn't care for the other two comments I got (once each):
"Look at the Oompa Loompa!"
"Hey, a midget!"

I wasn't terribly surprised at the "you're hot" & "you're pretty" comments from guys. But I was suprised how many teenage, pre-teen, & early 20's GIRLS told me that...I tend to think of girls as more competitive, jealous, & catty. But they just kept complimenting me.

I went back & forth on whether or not to scare the small children that were coming through. My instinct was to be gentle & not scare them, but then again, if their parents buy them a $42 ticket, they are free game. Knott's wants all the money they can get...and THEY still state clearly, "We do not recommend this event for children under 13." I saw 3-4 people bringing through BABIES. I am talking so young, they were barely holding their own heads up. ARE YOU PEOPLE FUCKING NUTS??? What kind of parents do that? If only for the fact that it is SOOOOO loud in there, I am going deaf WITH ear plugs in. That is NO atmosphere for a baby. And there were also very young kids....like 6-10 years old, scared to death. Just not smart, people. I absolutely left the babies alone. One waved at me, so I waved back & gently touched her hand, so she knew I wasn't going to hurt her. They younger ones, I mostly just waved at them. If they seemed to be enjoying themselves, I would try to scare them.

I scared the crap out of many, many women. That was SO much fun. Now I see why people accept this crappy pay. It's fun to scare people....POWER is the wrong word, but it's something like that. I would roam around in my "cage" area, like I was drunk, & then when they got to the end, I would climb the rails & jump in their face. They would slam into the wall trying to avoid me & scream bloody murder. Heh-heh. I would mostly try to scare people with the 3D glasses on, cause my hair coming at them with those on is much scarier than without the glasses. I would scare the people I could TELL were scared. I wouldn't bother with the ones who were all casual & cool. It would be great when we had a 3 way scare. This one monster has a surprise scare & would scare the shit out of people, & at the same moment, one of my rabbits would slide on the floor towards them, & just when they thought they were past that, I would jump on the railing & scare them again. *grin* We would all give each other a thumbs up for a good scare.

Women are kinda easy. But the BEST scares are when you get the men. When you get these 6'3, 250 pound men to jump & say, "Oh, shiiiiit!", that's just awesome. I was scaring gang-bangers! I got quite a few men.

I could smell alcohol on many people's breath. I could also smell pot.
And I didn't appreciate whomever farted in my room & left it behind.

Gotta go do it again....
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