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And the drama begins.

As it always does.

Breaks have been a problem. I am lucky if I get ONE 15 minute & an hour lunch. I think I have only once gotten both 15 minute breaks....and I usually have to go hunt my shift leader down to remind him that I need a break.

Tonight, it came to a head. It's the end of a tough 4 night run. I am exhausted. I am sore. My feet won't stop aching.

All I ask for are my breaks. I do my best to make it through the night otherwise. If my feet are screaming, I just sit on the floor & act all psycho, swaying back & forth.

I finally got my first 15 minute break tonight, around 9:30PM. I had to send my blackout to go tell Carlos I had worked 3 hours without a break. A Malice came to break me, with attitude. "I'm here to break you...if you need it." Ummmm....yeah, thanks. She was unfriendly, & acted like I was troubling her to break me. While I was on this break, I asked Erin (Carlos' assistant) to send someone in to break me for lunch between 11 & 11:30PM. She said she would.

11 comes & goes....11:30 comes & goes. Around 11:35, I left my position (which we are not supposed to do), went backstage, & said to Carlos, "Can I get someone to break me for lunch?" He didn't hear me, so I asked Erin. She asked Carlos, & he turned to this girl (I'm going to call her Desiree, cause that's who Erin thought she was) & said, "Go break her for lunch." Thinking I was going to get broken, I went to go get my stuff (watch, money, etc.). Finally, a breaker---the same unfriendly one from before, NOT Desiree---came to break me at 11:56. Ummmm...here's the problem. Haunt ends at 1AM. We are off at 1:15, but done at the maze at 1. So if I get my hour lunch break at midnight...well then, I just might as well be done. There would be no sense in coming back to the maze, cause I'd be done. The maze would be closed by the time I got back from lunch. Ridiculous. And so much for my 2nd 15 minute break. So....I just took a half hour.

I pulled Erin aside to talk to her. First of all, she wouldn't go with me, because she thought I was going to duct tape her! I'm sure!
Finally, I got her to walk with me, & I basically ratted out Desiree & complained about the break situation. I explained that I didn't want to be a narc, or bitch & moan, but my feet are killing me nightly, to the point of tears, my leg & groin muscles are sore as crazy. I NEED those breaks. They are almost no relief, but they are better than nothing. EVERY time I come backstage, Desiree is hanging out backstage, flirting with Carlos, having a smoke, just hanging out....wig off, just chillin'. It can't be that we happen to have all the same breaks. And even when I come out just to tell Carlos something, she's back there. When my 15 & hour long breaks are up, she's still backstage. She almost NEVER goes into the maze. She just doesn't work. And Carlos has no backbone, so he doesn't make her go back in. And like I said, he told her to come break me & she didn't.
I am SICK of working my ASS off in that maze, constantly animating, constantly in character, scaring/freaking people out...and the other Malices not working. There is one other one, Asia, who works as hard as I do. The others are almost always backstage. You are supposed to see several Malices throughout the maze. I'd be surprised if you see 2-3 different ones. I'm just sick of it. I am sick to death of working so hard I'm in enough pain to bring me to tears....and seeing them kick it backstage the whole night.

I don't need this. I took a paycut to work this job. I can quit it & go back to my daytime job. I don't want to do that, because of that work ethic...they've already lost so many people, I would hate to abandon them, too. I would hate to leave them in the lurch. They'd really be in a pinch. But if this break situation doesn't change, tough...I am gone. Carlos needs to grow some spine & make people do the jobs they were hired to do...

I have been a shift leader...I know how breaks work. The breaker is supposed to come & break you...you aren't supposed to have to hunt down your supervisor or a breaker for your breaks.

I think Erin might have said something to Desiree. As I was walking out with Asia, Desiree was walking towards me, & detoured around the other way. I could have SWORN she said something like, "I don't want to go anywhere near THAT girl," but then Asia said she thought she heard something about Del Taco. Heh-heh. I think I am right. I think Desiree is pissed off at me. Tough shit. If she was doing her job, I wouldn't have had to narc on her. Asia says that everytime SHE is backstage, Desiree is back there, too. One night, she took her lunch & 4 other Malices were back there.....that must have been the night my rabbit told me I was the only Malice working.

Desiree had attitude from day one. I got a negative vibe from her the first day. I KNEW she was trouble....just had a feeling. I didn't know how it was going to play out, but I could tell she was going to be a problem. So if she starts giving me attitude...well, there is no "start," she always has. What a lowlife. Gets a job & then doesn't want to do any work, & then gets pissed when someone narcs on her. Well, there's not really anything to narc on....anyone could see she wasn't working. But if she creates a hostile working environment for me, I will leave in a heartbeat. I don't need the drama. But if she wants to start something with me, she can bring it. I know half the security staff, including the supervisors. I'm not scared of this white trash chickie.

On a positive note, I have a blast with my doormouse & my two rabbits. We all had so much fun tonight. The 4 of us, particularly one of the rabbits (the female one) & the doormouse...we play well & scare well off each other, & get really silly & dance around. It's fun. Would be more fun if I didn't feel horrible pain in my feet.

Saw cixel & misskris tonight in the maze. How refreshing!!! I don't think they were scared of me, though. *grin*
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