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Black Friday

OK....so today was my first & LAST foray into Black Friday Land. I need a new color printer cartridge, & since I have today off (my only day off this week), I decided to run over to Fry's Electronics. I easily found a parking spot, & the store didn't appear THAT crowded (Fry's almost always has a long line anyway, particularly after 3PM). So I find my cartridge, & go to get in line. And then I discover that the line is probably about an hour long. I couldn't even find the end of it. The only hour long lines I will wait in are for amusement park rides, & that's pushing it. So I put the cartridge back & high-tailed it out of there. I can wait to print anything in color until Monday, when I'll go back. So, um...okay. Why aren't all these people at work? Everyone I know had to go back to work today. The day AFTER Thanksgiving & the day AFTER Xmas are NOT holidays. The post office is back running....there's your biggest indication. Why aren't all these people at work??? What are these people doing out shopping like that? I am not talking about women you could assume are housewives....I am talking about business men, etc. You CRAZY people are willing to wait in hour long longs & shove around people just for a good sale? I mean, shit....I am Queen Shopper, & since I am broke, I LOVE a good sale as much as anyone. But are you people nuts? To wait in those long lines...for a sale???? Nuts, nuts, nuts, I tell ya. I had heard that malls & places like Target & Wal-Mart would be crazy-busy, but I (wrongly) assumed that Fry's wouldn't be so bad. And I thought since I was going around noon, as opposed to after 3 or 5PM, that most people would still be at work. WRONG-O! Simply unbelievable. I will remain at home for the rest of the day (made a quick pit stop by the post office to mail an early Xmas gift to a friend....and oddly enough, THEY weren't that busy), & shall not dare to venture out again on Black Friday. To me....as broke as I am....no sale is worth it.

Well, I am actually going to go & try to get some cleaning done. I don't have another full day off until next Thursday, although I don't have to leave for work Mon-Wed until 2PM.

I hope that they call me to work on "Friends" next week....but if they do, it's going to cause a problem with Knott's on Friday, since I am scheduled to work that day. Not to mention, it would take away any day off I have next week. My supervisor at Knott's has us scheduled 6 days a week for the holiday season (a good thing, I guess). But I will gladly work 7 days a week if I get to work more on "Friends." Ideally, I would prefer to start working with them after the New Year. We'll see.

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