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So I watched "Pretty Woman" today while sitting around doing next to nothing. It's one of my fave movies. And no, I'm not just biased because I know Garry Marshall. It's a GREAT movie.

Anyway...it made me think. Some prostitutes choose that career because they don't think they can do anything else, & they like sex (or don't mind having it, & think, "if I am going to have it, might as well get paid for it"). Some choose it because they feel they have no other choice. Some fall into it & stay there because the money is good for doing such "easy" work. I'm sure there are many other reasons, too.

So....what do you think? Don't be shy with your answers, they are private.

Poll #66430 Sex for money

Would you have sex for money?


Please explain your answer. If "yes," why? If "no," why not? If "depends," what does it depend on?


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