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So my make-up transformation as Malice has been interesting.

Every night, it's different. Andrea is my main make-up artist, but another girl did it Sunday night, so it's totally different that night (she airbrushed almost everything, whereas Andrea only airbrushes the white).

Witness my nightly transformation.

The first night:
(minus wig...obviously)

(with wig...obviously)

The second night:
(I only have one minus wig, post Haunt...so it's mostly worn off)

The third night:
(this is my fave make-up job so far...more Alice Cooper-ish)

(a really psycho looking one from the 3rd night)

And the fourth night:
(all airbrushed...)

And just for laughs, here's me about to kill my supervisor, Tim:

And me about to kill erinbir:

She's even more of a chicken than I am, & won't even come into my maze to visit just me!!! *hmph*

Which make-up job do you like the best? Like I said, I like the 3rd night the best.
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