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So I unexpectedly *glowed* tonight.

I met this guy, J.B., on Hot or Not, way back in like, June or July (I know I have been talking to him since July, but it's possible it was earlier). We have always conversed back & forth through email. We tried to get together many times, but the timing was just bad. Then he went to Texas for a while, but we still stayed in touch. We have been talking again since he got back, trying once again to hook up, but the timing has been bad, again.

He works as an assistant to an extras casting director & as an extra when they need him, & his schedule is really variable. For instance, we were going to get together tonight for dinner or whatever, since he thought he'd be off around 7:30 or so. But he called (I finally gave him my number....we've been talking too long for him to be psycho) & said they weren't getting out until late, & had to be back on the set at 4:30AM!!!! (He's working on the new Harrison Ford/Josh Hartnett movie....offered to book me tomorrow, but I am union & working at Knott's). In the business we are in, you take work when it's offered....romance/dating has to take a backburner. He's available tomorrow night, but I am working at Knott's. So our schedules just don't match up.

But we decided to try for Friday, for "brunch." I have to leave for Knott's around 1-1:30PM, & will probably wake up around 10AM (should get into bed around 2AM on Thursday night/Friday morning). So we are tentatively planning to meet around 11:30ish....that would give us 2 hours before I would have to bail. He's leaving for San Diego later that afternoon, so it works out nicely. I am sure something could still come up, but I am crossing fingers for it to work out, finally!

We spoke for 15 minutes on the phone, & by the end of the conversation, surprisingly, I was grinning from ear to ear, & flushed.
That was unexpected.

I detected a slight Southern twang, & asked him about it. He was born in Michigan, but moved to Texas when he was really young, & then lived & went to college in Georgia. We talked about football, about U. of GA, U. of Auburn, & U of Alabama. I told him I had a GA football shirt given to me by mistertibbs & a rival Auburn shirt given to me by chappell, but that I was cool with both, cause I look good in red AND orange. *grin* I mentioned not really caring that much for football, but I enjoy basketball & ice hockey, & love the Lakers. He remembered that, & remembered commenting on how the only Laker he really liked was Robert Horry, who ironically, played for Alabama.

As we were getting off the phone, I asked him what J.B. stood for. He told me "John Bert." I commented that my cousin's father's name is Bert. He said it was his uncle's name, his mother named him (middle name) after her brother. I said, "My cousin's father's name is Bert *****." He said, "You've got to be kidding me?!?!" His uncle's name is Bert *****! How odd! For a minute, I started to freak out that J.B. & I were related, & I told him that would have been way too Arkansas-ish for me! ;-Þ

Further coincidence....My "psychic" friend, Alicia, told me I was going to have a relationship with a guy named John. HA!

The cool thing....I told him WAY upfront, months ago, that I was fuller figured. He said he didn't care. *grin* I told him that some guys think I am skinny from my pic (hellllooooo, it's just a headshot), but I am really not, & he said, "Ohhh....Yeah, you do look skinny in your picture. I'm sorry to hear that you're fat.....Just kidding. I'm sure you a wonderful body to go along with your pretty face." He also used spellcheck all the time, since I made a comment about how I can't stand it when people are horrible spellers.

One potential bummer....he's allergic to cats (yeah, I have two). I guess, if we hit it off, I'd have to stay over at his place (he lives in Hollywood). Look at me, what an assumption!!!!

It's silly to get my hopes up before meeting him, but at the least, he's a cool guy.

Girlies...here's a pic. Whattaya think? (I like his lips!)
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