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Yep. It finally happened.

I got smacked at Haunt.

For some reason, the guests have been violent this weekend, & I hear it only gets worse.

WHY are people this way? You think you pay your $40 & can slug monsters? "Hey, they scared me, I can hit them?"

I place a LOT of the blame on drugs & alcohol. I think alcohol more than drugs, because my understanding is that you tend to be more mellow & non-violent when you are stoned. Every person who has been in an altercation has been drunk or high. You can smell the pot on them, you can smell the booze on their breath.

I don't fault the two guys who slugged me last night. Well, not so much. I look kinda fake, & with the 3D glasses on, most people think I blend into the wall. The first guy reached out to poke me, & then grabbed my face, HARD. Instinctively (we are not supposed to retaliate), I flung out my right arm, & struck him hard in the gut with my shaker can. He doubled over, & said, "Oh shit, I didn't know she was real." Whatever. Like animatronics look THAT good! And should you be grabbing things in a maze even if they AREN'T real? The second guy reached out & smacked my face hard, & I can't remember if I slugged him back or not. I did slam the wall, & he did apologize, saying he didn't think I was real. My blackout, Cindy, was on him like a flash, & they escorted him out of the maze. I guess he started telling security that Cindy was making it up, that he didn't touch anyone, so then they yank ME out of the maze. I get interrogated by security, & they ask me if that is the guy who slugged me. I look over & I'm like, "I think so." "You think?" "Look at my eyes...my vision isn't the greatest, & it happened really fast & he moved on. It looks like him, & Cindy can verify it better, since she watched it happen." My shift leader, Carlos, said, "He's out. I want him out of the park." I told them I was okay, it was no big deal, he didn't know I was real." Carlos said he didn't care, the guy was out. I felt really bad about it, cause he did apologize. But then again, he was probably stoned, so I don't have a lot of sympathy. But he was with a group of friends, & probably had no way to get anywhere until his friends left (at least it was around midnight, so Haunt only went for another 2 hours). My friends in security/loss prevention were out there (not sure why they happened to be there, might have been a coincidence), & that's probably why the guy got kicked. Joel doesn't like anyone screwing with me. He was determined to throw the guy out. I said, "But he didn't think I was real!" And he said, "Then we throw him out for vandalism, because we don't need him going through the mazes & destroying things he thinks are fake."

I still felt bad.

Some guy molested a Blue Girl in the Blue Bayou maze on Friday night. Cornered her & started grabbing her in inappropriate places WHILE his girlfriend watched. The blackout came over & told him to leave the girl alone, & get out of there, & the guy took a swing at the blackout. He was escorted out, too.

What possesses people to do this stuff? I don't understand. Hands off. Why would you pay $40 & get kicked out for being a jackass? Why would you want to lay hands on a stranger, just to be malicious?

There's a new security guard, & I guess he's really skinny. There was a group of HUGE guys picking on him, calling him names, making fun of him. One of my supervisors witnessed it, & called security for backup. MANY security guards AND Buena Park Police were there in seconds, & I believe THOSE guys got kicked out.

To further the night's excitement....Cindy & I took a 15 minute break after I got smacked, & went over to sit in the Entertainment Office. There was a guest on the phone in there. Suddenly, he gets off the phone, walks over, collapses on the couch next to Cindy, & falls over onto her. He's holding his head, so I say, "Sir, are you okay?" He says he isn't, & is crying & holding his head. Lisa, the receptionist, calls for a paramedic, & he got there really fast. I am touching the man, telling him to hold on, help is coming (I didn't know what to do, & didn't know if my looks would scare him more). Turns out he had had a stroke before, & we think he might have been having another minor one. Scary stuff to witness, & you feel helpless.

Never a dull moment at Haunt.
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