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I am simply disgusted with today's events. The news was showing a clip shot from a Wal-Mart in Utah. The shoppers were being REALLY mean & nasty to each other. I am not sure who was in the wrong, but either way, it's wrong. It seemed as if someone was trying to cut in line in front of people who had been waiting for hours (& since the Wal-Mart opened at like 5AM, waiting for hours means a lot!). The person who had been waiting was the one being downright mean. The look on her face....if looks could kill. I am not saying she wasn't justified...I HATE line cutters. It's extremely inconsiderate. Anyone who cuts in line & tries to skirt past people who have been waiting (in car or on foot) is an absolute asshole who doesn't deserve to live. I detest people who feel like their life is more important than anyone else's. But....to get that nasty...at the holidays...when the world is in the state it's in....it's disgusting. Getting that nasty over getting a $50 VCR or $1 bottle of laundry detergent is sickening. Suddenly, we are fighting with each other, getting mean & nasty in a time when the world is in pain, OVER A SALE!!!! You have GOT to be kidding me! I think the stores shouldn't have these sales anymore. This is insane. Or at least have the sales for a week, not just one day. People are willing to beat each other over a sale. That's awful. I can't believe that anyone would behave that way---getting THAT angry over a line cutter OR being rude enough to cut in line---over a bloody sale! It's silly beyond words. What is this world coming to? We are willing to kick each other's asses over a cheap Game Boy??? Come on people! This is just crazy! I am VERY disappointed in humanity at this moment!!!!!!!!

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