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I put my ad up on this new site today.

I have had random guys IMing me through the site all day. They have mostly been trying to insult me (weren't you in "Get Shorty?"), or give "constructive criticism," or hook up with me even though they live across the country & I specified CLEARLY LA County area only.

But this last one...a guy who's 5'4....(therefore, definitely not my type), he IMs me. I didn't see the message pop up, because I clicked something on LJ at the same time, making the message disappear. When I did notice it, he thought he has been dissed, that I was ignoring him. So he says, "Oh, that's ok...I see you only made it through high school, you probably couldn't comprehend what I was saying. My bad." Of course, ironically, it wasn't that well written or all spelled correctly.

This amuses me. Someone who is trying to insult someone's intelligence, but it is intelligence that makes someone insult a complete stranger, simply because they are not interested?

People amuse me.
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