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Haunt time

About to leave for the set. My tummy hurts. I didn't eat badly yesterday. Hmmmm.....

So listen up local peeps (especially the likes of justj, coral, alilnoochie, izzicam, narrowminded, faeriewitch, vixyash, quenya, etc.)......

mr_dark, kimberly, & freakyme are going to Knott's Halloween Haunt this Saturday night. Now, this is NOT a night I can get y'all discount tix, but it's $35 with a Burger King coupon, & it would be fun to go with a big group. Saturdays are packed, too, which can be good & bad (good because there's more amusement watching others be terrified).

If you can't go that night, let me know if you want me to get you discount tix for another night (IF it's a night I can do that, obviously, & I have posted the dates a bizillion times).

Time is running out...as the event gets closer to the end, the dates start selling out.

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