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Poll Results

Here's the poll results on whether or not I should scare a terrified child who comes through my maze.
Scare the child as I would anyone else coming through....if the child freaks out, let the parents who were dumb enough to bring a young child in there deal with the fallout.
6 votes (14.6%)

Don't scare the child....just cause his/her parents are dumb & irresponsible, that's no reason for the child to suffer...he/she didn't have a choice, they were dragged into the maze.
25 votes (61.0%)

10 (24.4%)

Explain the "other" or comment.

"Do a scare but, nothing drastic. If that makes any sense..."

"If the kids look like they are having a fun time, go ahead with the scare. If they appear to be miserable, leave them alone. Some kids are adrenaline junkies; others aren't."

"I say both... scare the child but not TOO hard.. just enough to make it fun, which is the WHOLE pt of this thing so..."

"If it sounds like the child is already pretty messed in the head don't scare. I'm sure you can hear them coming."

"I'd definitely still scare them, but perhaps use a bit more caution about it. Don't go WAY overboard. With the adults, do your best to make them soil themselves. You rock!"

"I'd say determine (if possible) if the child is having a good time-if tears are already there don't scare them & if you just heard them laughing as they come around the corner (assuming you aren't the first corner) then go ahead and make 'em pee!"

"Scare the piss out of the parents, then before they can run away, whisper in the Dad's ear 'Anyone else would have done that to your KID, genius.'"

"Don't freak out the kid, but hunt down the parents, freak them out and then give them the what for. Little kids who scare easily should never be taken into those."

"My father used to take me to haunted houses because he thought it was hysterical to see me scream. I was always terrified. I think it's a form of abuse."

"Wow, that is a tough one. I really have no clue...sorry."

"Beat the child, then beat his parents about the genitals so they cannot breed ever again."

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