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More poll results

Would you have sex for money?
11 votes (28.2%)

18 votes (46.2%)

10 votes (25.6%)

***editor's note: That was a close one, only a few more "no" votes than "yes" votes. I was surprised...and then remembered that LJ people tend to be a bit more open-minded than people in the "outside world." Carry on!***

Explain your "maybe" answer, or make comments. (Names & facts removed to protect the innocent.)

"I get paid, AND i get some sex? Sign me up!" (male)

"Sure, why not, just as i would sometimes do other less fun work for money. In both cases, i'd be very picky about exactly who i'd take on as a client." (male)

"About ** years ago, I made a vow to "forsake all others" which I take seriously. But in my bachelor days, I'd have had sex with just about any woman FOR FREE." (male)

"Of course I've never truly been desperate enough that I've been in such a position [no pun intended], so I can't -really- say either way. But as it stands, I wouldn't do it. The money would only last so long, but the guilt/ick feeling would always be." (female)

"I have done so long ago. Older woman is lonely, her husband is a bastard, she has a buzz, she ofers me a ride home, and WHAMMO, she is fucking me silly. She didn't fork over the cash just then, but bought endless dinners, hotel rooms, etc." (M)

"If I was really desperate." (M)

"If it was with someone that I was attracted to. My ex and I would trade, him paying for stuff for specific sexual favors." (F)

"No, because I hold sex to be sacred and special, and money is neither." (F)

"I wouldn't be a career prostitute, but if some stranger offered me a million dollars for sex (with a condom) I would do it, even if he/she was 80 and disgusting!" (F)

"How really desperate I am, and if the person offering it wasn't gross. I've never been that desperate, so I have no idea where that line is, and I have had some really desperate moments in my life." (M)

"It's gotta be a whole hell of a lot of money. But let's face it women these days whore themselves out all the time, for money, gifts, promises of love and devotion, and just because they are plain horny. 5 grand in one shot, I'm all for it." (F)

"My body is the only thing I really own that I can share with someone I love in a tangible way. To sell that would cheapen the gift." (F)

"Cause I am more for the whole.. sex=love thing." (F)

"Making love involves too many emotions and I have to be in love with someone before I would do something like that." (M)

"I've said, 'What the heck, I don't wanna but it's only sex,' after a nice date many times, so what's the difference?" (F)

"If YOU paid me, I would do it." (M)

"It depends on whether or not things are THAT bad that I would feel I have no other choice. That would be the only way." (F)

"As long as the person isn't butt ugly and looks like Richard Gere." (F)

"Because it would go against my values and beliefs, believe it or not, **** is the only man i've had sex with." (F)

"I do every time; I'm married." (F)

"Because I think that it should be something between 2 people that care about each other. Not necessarly in love but at least have a bond! NOT $$" (F)

"I have absolutely no idea. I think, now, that I would never do that, but I've never been in a position where it seems like my only choice, or even the least horrid of several horrid choices." (F)

"The circumstances & the other person(s) involved. There is more to this answer, but only so much time and room." (F)

"Well, let's be honest, while I would not have sex for actual cash handed over into my hand...most people, male and female, are selling themselves for one thing or another." (F)

"Why not? It's something people do anyway and if you are good at it and choose to get paid for it then cool." (F)

"It would depend on the amount of money. Honestly , I don't see anything wrong with it as long as you're smart & practice safe sex." (F)

"It depends on whether I actually want to have sex in the first place. If I do, then money is just a nice little benefit. Like, I wanted a cracker but oh boy I'm getting peanut butter too! Speaking of PB, I'm horny now . . ." (F)

"I'm not against strippers or Playmates or anything like that...but I think there's just something that crosses the line when it comes to sex for money. It's degrading, cheap, and dangerous." (F)

"Just cos." (A "no" answer....and male.)

"I am really skittish about sex and would feel guilty and freaked out." (F)

"If it was a guy like in Indecent Proposal, absolutely. But really, anyone willing to pay a million or more for one session, who is disease free would be fine with me." (F)

"If I like a person, and more importantly, if they like me and accepted me, then I'd consider doing it. But never for money." (M)
The breakdowns of votes by sex:
Yes= Men: 5, Women: 6
No= Men: 5, Women: 13
Depends: Men: 2, Women: 8

I find it interesting that many people WOULD have sex for money, but ONLY if the price is right. The standard callgirl gets around 200-500 an hour. Does that change your "yes" answer? You would do it if someone offered you 1 million for one night, but not $200-$500 for just ONE hour?

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