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More personal ad fun

So this guy IMs me through this new dating site I am on.

First of all, in his headline, he describes himself as a "very good looking man." Looking at his picture, I seriously beg to differ. It's not even that he's not my type...and it's not that he's "ugly" or unattractive....but he's certainly not "very" good looking, & frankly, "goodlooking" is even stretching it. Of course, this IS just MY opinion, as beauty IS in the eye of the beholder. But come on...even if you ARE "very good looking," is it appropriate to brag about that? If you are good looking, your picture will speak for itself. Of course, my headline is "cute but picky," but honestly, I use cute to describe my personality more than my looks.


So I look at his profile, & not only does my profile specify the #1 requirement is that you live in the Los Angeles area & he lives in OREGON, but he specifies that he wants kids...and I specify CLEARLY that I don't, & won't date a man who wants them. The basic conversation:

HIM: So how picky are you?
ME: Pretty picky. :-) As I am sure you can see from my profile.
HIM: I will read it in a minute, I just wanted to ask that question.
ME: Well, honestly, we are not a match, but I wish you the best of luck. :-)
HIM: Hey hey hey, that's not fair! Give me a chance!
ME: I''m sorry, but I do specify that a guy must live in the Los Angeles area, AND I don't want kids, & you stress pretty strongly how you long for a family of your own, including kids.
HIM: Well, when you learn how to give people a chance, contact me. Good luck.
ME: LOL, I know how to give people a chance, but you live states away & want kids & I don't. You can't compromise on those things.
HIM: Sure you can, there's a compromise for everything. Oh well, I am sure I am too much of a redneck hick for you, anyway.

Ummmm....how exactly do you compromise about kids? Have a half of one? There is NO compromise when it comes to having kids. You either want them or you don't, & if one spouse wants them & the other doesn't, you are in trouble! And with him having no intention of moving here, & me definitely no intention of moving there, there's also no compromise with geography. I MIGHT consider a TEMPORARY LDR with a special guy, IF he was planning on moving closer to me. But definitely would NOT consider if if he never had a plan to move closer. That's ridiculous. Where are the compromises in those two things? Granted, I wouldn't have gone for him if he didn't want kids & lived next door, but still. And I like how his insecurity about being a redneck comes out as soon as he feels dissed. And are there rednecks in Oregon?
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