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Dooode! I've got this stuff that's like liquid gold! You might remember me mentioning it back when I had that cold, & I gargled with it. I believe it actually did reduce the duration of my cold, cause it sure didn't last long (& I know others who can't get rid of it!).

I got it at the fair, & it's called Florida's Best APR (arthritis pain relief). It relieves like...everything! You drop a tiny drop into your hands, rub it in, & then cup your nose & inhale...& it clears your nasal passages. You drop two capfuls in a hot bath, & it soothes your aching muscles. Like I said, you can gargle with it & it reduces the severity of your cold. You can rub it into your temples for headache relief. The bottle says, "Use on minor cuts, burns, sores, sinus, hay fever, insect bites, sinus headaches, sunburn, colds, helps to stop snoring, use on your hemorrhoids, can help ladies with urinary tract infections, vaginitis, yeast infections & cystitis, back pain, neck pain, cramps, leg pain, etc. Sheesh. I have been soaking my feet in it with hot water, & then rubbing it on my sore feet, & it's amazing!


Check this chit out! It goes a looooong way, too. All natural ingredients.

I sound like an advertisement...but I believe in positive word of mouth is a product is good!

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