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This morning's "work" was mind-bogglingly easy.

I was originally called in at 8:30AM, but they changed the call-time to 10:30AM. I got there exactly on time (cut it really close leaving the house). I worked 3 minutes, TOPS, & was done around 11:45AM. And got paid $125 (well, before taxes!)!!!! Sweet! And had a free breakfast, & said hi to the cute star of the show, Will Estes. :-) Not a bad deal.

Even better, they called & asked me back today. There is a regular stand-in for this little boy, but she is apparently doing something or sick or something, so they are having me fill in. Sweet! Work, two days in a row! I LOVE that!!! I would LOVE to get a steady stand-in gig. That would be SOOO awesome. But I am just grateful to have some work!!!! Contrary to popular belief, I don't LIKE sitting on my butt, doing nothing. I LIKE working...as long as it's within my chosen career, or having something to do with stuff I am interested in.

The crew seemed pretty nice....not that I had much of a chance to get to know any of them.

There was one funny moment. I was standing outside the fake bedroom window, watching what the little boy was doing in the scene, so that I could match it. The director walks by, sees me watching, & says, "Are you the mother?" *gulp* I said, "No, I'm his stand-in." I mean, I guess the little boy to be around 8-10ish, & I guess I technically could have a child that age. But I don't LOOK my age. I must have had a stunned look on my face, cause a crew guy says, "You don't look old enough to have a son that age." I laughed & he said, "No laughing from new people." :-)

I am already getting nervous about the Xmas show at Knott's. The tree-lighting will be fun, but I will be carrying (well, me & Erin when she does it) the entire stage show, & it's a big show. "Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy" is a HARD song for me to sing. It's RIGHT on my break. I sing two words in my head voice (which is weak cause I don't use it enough), then drop to my chest voice for one words. Sheesh. The stress. *ack*

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