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Some of Jay Leno's headlines..."anti-violence leader punches ref"....."cholesterol pills help only if taken"...

As to the first one....even anti-violence people are violent sometimes...or at least have the desire!

So this guy responds to my personal ad....I am sure he thought he was so charming, that he needed few words to impress me. He simply said, "Hey cutey," & didn't include a picture. Those types....I will not even respond to them. What is the point? If I were to respond, it would be something smartassy, like, "Is your 2 word response supposed to make me swoon?" It would be one thing if they thought they were SO handsome in their picture that they wouldn't need many words...or if they said, "I'm not going to bother telling you about myself until we see if I pass the 'looks' test." I have gotten ones like that before, & those are the smart guys. Especially since, in my ad, I admit that I am into looks. I also had this one guy respond twice in 2-3 days....AFTER I turned him down the 1st time. I have had numerous guys respond to me 2-3 times, but usually with months in between. I don't even honestly understand how you forget someone's picture & profile (I haven't changed it), how you forget that you responded before, AFTER some months have gone by. But we are talking about days here. I swear, I got his first response either yesterday or the day before. Took a look at his hometown page & read all about him, viewed his pic....NOT remotely my type. So I very politely let him know I was not interested, & that I wished him all the best. I am probably one of VERY few people who actually writes to people to turn them down. Most people ignore those they are not interested in. My personal philosophy is that if a guy took the time to read my ad (which actually rarely happens, so I should say "took the time to look at my picture") & respond to me, I should at least have the decency to acknowledge that I received the email, & politely let him know I am not interested. I am always as nice as I can be. I usually say something like, "-----(I always include their name if THEY include it), thank you so much for responding to my ad. I truly appreciate you taking the time to do so. However, as you really don't appear to be my type, I am, unfortunately, not interested. Some woman is going to be very lucky, however! :-) I wish you all the best! Take care!" I actually have a lot of guys respond back to say, "Thanks so much for responding back, most girls wouldn't do that. Good luck to you, too." But if you don't include a pic & all you say is "hey cutey," I ain't responding. A personal pet peeve of mine is to be called by a pet name from someone I don't even know. A complete stranger calling me "cutey," "honey," "sweetie," "beautiful," etc...that bugs me. Those are terms of endearment, & you cannot possible have feelings for me if you don't know me. So don't call me pet names.

Anyway, I just had to vent about that. Some people are truly clueless.

Looks like I am not going to make rent....again. I HAVE to pay my car insurance, my rent, & my health insurance at the first (the car insurance is actually due the 28th), & those 3 things total $1130, & I have approx. $30 to my name. You do the math. How am I coming up with $1100 by the first? Sheesh! I mean, I will get about $300 or so (give or take a few $$) on Friday, but that still leaves me quite short (no pun intended). So I was in a bad mood today. I always get in a bad mood when I am concerned about money. This sucks. I am SO tired of worrying about money. This year has given me wrinkles & gray-hair (ok, kidding about the gray hair). This is going to be a hard month for me. I have to get Xmas gifts for people, even though they won't be expensive ones. I have to get Xmas cards to mail out, it's a tradition (I get the cheapest ones I can). And the postage for those. I am just getting so screwed at Knott's. 3 hour shifts per day...and at a time where I can't do any other work that day. That sucks. So on top of being terribly worried about rent THIS month, I am ALREADY worried about rent for January...because I take that week off to go home, & I won't be making ANY money that week. I think I might have 2-3 days vacation pay, but that's it. And money I make in December needs to go to pay bills that aren't getting paid THIS month, so I don't get utilities shut off, so that will leave nothing for the 1st of January. And I need kitty litter & dog/cat food, & groceries for me....and have nothing. No $$$. Life is sucking for me right now, financially speaking.

Folks...friends...pray for me...do spells for me, make wishes for me, keep me in your thoughts, send me positive vibes...whatever. I need it right now. The Xmas season is EXTREMELY difficult for me, since my mother died at Xmas (as we all know). It's a sad season for me, & with these money worries on top of everything else, it's truly a struggle for me. I honestly don't know how I am going to make it through this next couple of months...starting with being $1100 short for 1st of the month MUST PAY expenses, moving into paying utility bills & food & gas bills (my truck is a GAS GUZZLER), & then moving into December with no money for Xmas gifts, & no money for rent in January!!!! **Sigh**

Same old sob story....booooooooooring. I feel like a broken record. I'm broke. I'm broke. I'm broke. I'm broke. I'm broke. I'm broke. I'm broke.

4 days to my birthday....you may send checks, cash, & Best Buy gift cards to my house! ;-

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