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OK....there's something I've always wondered.

Why are people so sweet to kids & so not to adults?

I am thinking of mainly doctors, nurses, hospitals, etc.

I have aged a bit now, but for a while, when I was 24-27 years old (ironically, I think my face finally started to age when my mom died when I was 27), people thought I was anywhere from 12-18. I once, when I was about 22, walked up to check in at a airline ticket counter. The lady behind the counter got her baby-googly voice goin' on, & said, "And will be traveling alone today, sweetie?" She was very embarrassed when I told her I was 22. Another time on a plane, I was sitting in the exit row. The stewardess saw me, did a double take, & said, "Are you old enough to sit in this row?" I was dumbfounded, & said, "Gee, how old do you have to be?" She said, "16." I laughed & said, "Yeah, I am old enough." I was 25.

My point is this....whenever I have been in an ER or hospital, the nurses were always really sweet to me. When I started to look older, that kinda stopped. I have watched nurses & doctors with children, & they are so calming, sweet, patient, & gentle. When you are an adult, they tend to not be so nice.

Why is that? Why are kids worthy of HUMAN KINDNESS, & when you hit 18, you are no longer worthy of that? When you are hurt or ill, it doesn't matter HOW old you are....you are scared, & sometimes alone. Hospital personnel should treat EVERYONE with human kindness, not just kids. In my opinion, kids are no more special than adults. Why would they be? Granted, it seems a little more unfair when a 2 year old dies of cancer, but should we feel much less sympathy for a 30 year old who dies of cancer?

Why can't people show human kindness to people of all ages, not just reserve kind treatment for kids?
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