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Yeah....I should be at Haunt right now.

I called in.

I worked on "American Dreams" again today. Let's see, let's do the scale thing. $56 to get smacked, abused, bruised, achy feet, for 8 hours on my feet.....or $125 for 6 hours there, probably 30-45 minutes MAX of actual "work," watching a TV show get made, sitting in a chair & reading PEOPLE magazine the rest of the time. Hmmmm....tough decision.

Despite that, I STILL felt guilty. Can't help it. I feel I made a commitment to them, crappy job or not. But basically, it comes down to a wise financial decision. I am SO broke, I had to dig money out of my truck cushions & my couch at home to scrounge JUST enough (I mean, literally, it came out to $8.65, & I think I had $8 in bills & maybe a dollar in change) to get KITTY LITTER. I had run so low, Ernie was peeing on the floor (he's really picky about it being deep).
I can't buy groceries. I was scarfing that free craft services food, taking some "to go," even. I am THAT poor. My grandmother told me to buy my tickets home for Xmas, & she'd send me a check. HAHAHAHAHAH...tix are like $450!!!! Riiiight. So anyway, my point is, $125 compared to $56....yeah. No real choice to make there. Sorry Knott's.

So I talked to Jody today, the 2nd 2nd on "AD." I told her I had a long talk w/Donovan at Central. I said that it basically came down to a complete mystery as to WHY they had my home number Monday night AND Wednesday night, but didn't have it on Tuesday night. Go figure. There is NO rational explanation. I explained to Jody, "It's not the 2.5 hours of overtime pay I was concerned about, it was that Chad blamed it on ME & made me look like an unprofessional jerk for not updating my numbers, when he had my home number & it's been the same for 3 years. Two nights out of 3 they had the correct number. I didn't like him making me look bad to you guys." She said she knows Central screws up like that all the time, & that she 100% believed me & knows it wasn't my fault. Still doesn't get that 2.5 hours overtime back. *grumble*

I have to go in person to Central, take my SAG card, driver's license, & SS card to get them to change the computer to reflect my legal name first & foremost. How lame. But she said since I registered in 2000, I needed to update, anyway. You have to go in on a Tues. or Thurs. between 10:30-11:30, & there's always a long ass line. Annoying. Whatever.

I look cute right now. Not like my tired face or anything, but the way I am dressed. It's cold in my house (haven't blown out the nasty heat ducts yet), so I am in this jumper that is basically a blanket with sleeves, foot holes, & a zipper all the way down the front (so yeah, it's a bit hard to walk, you can't take long strides). My hair is still in pigtails from the set (the actress had her hair in pigtails). I look 10. :-) I'd take a pic, but left my camera in my truck.

I hated to leave the set today. I was JUST starting to bond with the crew guys. I ALWAYS bond with the crew guys. They love me. I am flirtacious, cute (toot-toot), raunchy, & tell really dirty jokes. They LOVE it. On one set, at any given time, you would find the crew guys surrounding me, laughing. So I just started hanging with these guys. There are ALWAYS cute guys on film/TV crews. ALWAYS. I don't know why. Some HOT dudes. They were actually bummed to see me leave, & told me to tell them I am available to come back. They had just started learning my name & flirting with me. One of them, Chris (I think he's the key grip), pinned me on the couch with his legs. I got along ok with the other stand-ins. I ended up knowing one that was there yesterday.

It was kinda interesting. The first stand-in I met (these people are the regulars, the ones there ALL the time, since the show went into production) was Simone. She was really nice & helpful & she's gorgeous. But the following day, the day I had that extra 2.5 hours to sit around, I saw her chair & just sat in it for a bit, since no one was there. When she came in, she wasn't MAD that I was in it, but gave me a little "gentle" speech about how you should never sit in a regular stand-in's chair. I explained that it was sitting right there, I didn't move it anywhere, & only wanted to sit there for those extra two hours, since there weren't any other chairs. I apologized. She said, "Don't be sorry, I am just letting you know protocol," blah blah blah. It was friendly, but with a bit of a snotty undertone to it. Later that day, I met Mark, who introduced himself to me & gave me some friendly pointers (don't hold your sides in your lap when you are standing in, the light bounces off the paper....don't fiddle with your cellphone while on the set...I was text messaging, not making phone calls). There was another stand-in, Kathy. She wouldn't even look at me...wouldn't smile at me, wouldn't introduce herself, or talk to me. SNOBBY! But suddenly, this other stand-in, John, showed up. He looked really familiar, so I said, "Do I look familiar to you? Cause you look really familiar to me." He said, "I can't say that you do. Do you do this a lot?" I said, "Not so much." "What else do you do?" "I work at Knott's Berry Farm." He said, "AHA! Do you know Jenny Senior?" I said that I did. He mentioned he just did "Cabaret" with her....I SAW "Cabaret," cause my supervisor was in it! So! I had seen him in that show. When Kathy & the others came out, he told them how I saw him in the show, & jokingly said, indicating them, "These guys are my friends, & even THEY didn't come see my show!" From that point on, Kathy talked to me, smiled at me, etc. It took John letting her know I was ok for her to think I was ok. Whatever. I talked to her quite a bit today, & ended up liking her, but come on! Sheesh!

Kathy & I had a long talk about our chairs. Mine is really cool with a leg rest, but is fairly light to carry. Hers is really heavy.

Mark & I had a nice talk about cellphones. He recommends Motorola highly. He also was fascinated with my tales of Haunt.

I told Simone & Kathy about a comment a crew guy made about them. It was rude, but kinda funny. They are both very pretty girls with very nice bodies. They walked by this little group of crew guys, & one of the guys, not seeing me, said to the other guys, "Those two are juicy for a fuck." He then saw me, & had the decency to look embarrassed, & said, "Sorry." I just smiled knowingly & moved on. Every time I saw that guy, I smirked at him, & he would jokingly say, "WHAT?!?!?" HA!

Will Estes plays the young male lead on "AD." He's a cutie. I was sitting there yesterday, & he came over, held out his hand, & said, "Hi, I'm Will." Thousands of teenage girls would have keeled over. We talked for a little while. He's a very polite young man, with not a touch of conceit. I hope he goes far. He's a lot shorter than I expected him to be, though. Tom Verica is the adult male lead...he's pretty cute, too, & was friendly as well. In fact, none of the stars were stuck up. Gail O'Grady (who used to be on "NYPD Blue") is gorgeous.

It was a fun show to work on. I actually helped out the director today, which was kinda cool. There's a nativity set (they kept calling it a "creche"). The director kept rearranging the pieces. She put the Wise Men on the right, but one of them was looking off to the left, & Jesus was in the middle (so the WM was looking away from Jesus). I didn't want to impose on the director, for goodness sakes, so I just played dumb & said, "What IS that Wise Man looking at, anyway?" She immediately got what I was talking about, & said, "So he should be on the other side, huh? That way, he'd be looking at the baby Jesus." I'm so helpful. No credit for me, though. The script supervisor was really nice & thought I smelled really good. :-)

I really gotta get some money. I found a way to save $300 every 6 months on car insurance (which is GREAT), but I don't have the $130 for the downpayment. :-( I also need to pay a million other overdue bills, not to mention save up for Nov.'s rent, which is coming up REALLY fast. *shudder*

I would be SOOOOO happy if I could score a steady stand-in gig. *sigh*

It was so cool to watch them make it "snow" on the set today. It really looks real from inside the "house," & then from the outside, you see the guy standing on a scaffolding, tossing fake snow into a fan. Very cool. I wanted to hire the guy to come do that outside MY home window. For one set up, I got to lay down on my stomach on a couch & watch 1960's TV footage of a hockey game. Rough work. ;-Þ

Ah well...all good things must come to an end. Back to Knott's/Haunt tomorrow.

More to say....but can't think of it.

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