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Well, apparently, I have been accepted into the "cool Malice society." The girls who didn't seem to like me have seemed to accept me now. We were taking a picture last night of all of us, & everyone was there but Asia (I told her about it & what time, she just didn't come over). I said, "Are we all here?" (Michaelynn called in, I guess.) Desiree said, "Yeah, all except Asia. All the cool ones are here, anyway." And now they come up & talk to me & play with me all the time. I don't know what I did. I was just me. I guess they just warmed up to me.

mr_dark & eeyoregrly came through last night. Supposedly, I almost made eeyoregrly piss her pants. I doubt I scared mr_dark. I followed them throughout the maze, a couple of different places.

Last night was sold out. 33,000+ people. YIKES! We just cringe when we hear "sold out," cause we know it's going to be a brutal crowd.

I got some free Nikes. The general manager of the entire park, Jack, gave all his managers, of every department, orange Nikes as a gag, to wear for Haunt. The women got powder blues ones (the orange ones don't come in small sizes). I went up & said, "Jack, I am feeling left out...underappreciated. I will take those in a size 6, please." It was a joke....but he gave me a pair. :-) Some supervisors were not happy, cause they didn't get the shoes (big deal, they are ugly), & me, a basic peon, did. Oh well. Ya just gotta have cajones.
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