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Driving home around 1:30AM today, I heard an interesting conversation on a news radio channel.

The host had had a conversation with some police officer friends. They said that if the sniper is done shooting, they will never find out who he is. They need more evidence. In a morbid sense, they NEED him to keep shooting. If this is true, what if he IS done? Imagine being the family or friends of the people the sniper has killed. Imagine never having justice for those heinous, senseless deaths. Never knowing who the killer is/was, never knowing if he's going to just someday start shooting again, etc. He could be your neighbor. The thought of this person getting away with all this is disgusting to me.

So...I'll ask you what the talkshow host was asking. It's not an easy choice.

If you HAD to choose one or the other:

I hate to say it, but we need him to keep shooting, so that hopefully he'll slip up & we can catch him & get justice for these senseless deaths.
I just want him to stop shooting; I don't care that justice isn't done....to have no more deaths is enough justice for me.

Why did you choose what you chose?


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