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I just removed a bunch of people from my friends list. Ya, ya, big deal. They probably won't even notice. I removed 14 altogether. 7 either never added me back or removed me & I didn't realize it (a couple confuse me....meaning, I don't know why I was removed). 1 is someone's old journal (she has a new one). 6, I removed because they never responded to any of my posts. I don't mind lurking if you eventually & occasionally say SOMETHING. My posts tend to be diverse enough that, surely, you'd have SOMETHING to say at some point. If not, there's really no reason to have me on YOUR friends list, or read my journal at all. I have lots of people on my list, & truly make an effort to respond in all of them, from time to time, as time allows. Commenting on EVERY post is obviously not possible. Commenting OCCASIONALLY so that I know you are alive & still interested, IS a requirement.

That is all.
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