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OK, this "Fear Factor" is disgusting.

First of all, one of the guys called this girl "heavy." Ummm...even with the camera adding 10 pounds, she was TINY! Totally skinny! I couldn't believe he said that! Sheesh! I must be a freakin' beached whale next to him.

Then, it galls me that they pick stunts that BLATANTLY lean towards men. It's a fact that men tend to have better upper body strength. Yes, there are some women who are totally buff, but even a buff woman can't usually compare to a buff man. They chose this stunt that leaned heavily in favor of men....depending almost solely on upper body strength. That reeks of unfairness to me. The people had to ride along in a speedboat, grab hold of a rope ladder coming out of a helicopter, & starting at the bottom rung, pull themselves up & inside the copter. ONE woman made it, & all 3 men just shot up the ladder like it was nothing.

The "gross" stunt....eating two shot glasses of worms, & then transfering worms from a bin onto a scale....with your mouth. The one girl who made it tried the stunt, but gave up. She said the taste of the worms wasn't SO bad, but them wiggling inside her mouth & the texture was disgusting. One guy reported the smell as being horrendous. The things they eat weekly in this segment....I usually can't even watch.

All for $50,000. Would you do it? I wouldn't. Heck, I won't even eat salad or onions or cucumber or celery...you think I'd eat worms or buffalo testicles? NOT!
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