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So I had the weirdest experience tonight.

I went to Hollywood to hang out with my friend, Joey. He's got this amazing house overlooking Hollywood. His house almost looks like a treehouse (he's got some BUCKS).

We just hung out for a while, & then I stopped by Mayfair Market on the way home (it's by his house) to get some groceries (I have absolutely nothing to eat here).

Let me describe my appearance, cause it's important to the story (I think).

I had just going to be hanging with a friend, so I didn't get fixed up. I hadn't brushed my hair all day. My intention was to brush my hair in the car on the way over to Joey's, since I keep a brush in the car & couldn't find my brush in the house. But I forgot, so my hair was very messy (5 minutes AFTER I brush my hair, it looks unbrushed). I had my glasses on. Normally, when I go out, I will put my contacts in cause I think I look ugly in glasses, but it was just Joey, & I want to give my eyes a break from those SFX contacts. The only makeup I wore over to Joey's was a light lipgloss. By the time I had some water at Joey's, I left my lipgloss on the glass. I just wore my "any occasion" long black skirt that I wear everywhere, & a turquoise fleece sweatshirt (it's cold here at night right now). So, no makeup, two uncovered zits, my glasses, disheveled hair, non-spectacular clothes.

It's 11:30PM, & I am walking through Mayfair Market (similar to a Gelson's, if you have heard of that). I turn to push my cart down this one aisle, & I see a guy who looks really familiar walking towards me, coming from the other direction. I stare at him...he stares at me. I stare at him...he stares at me. We get next to each other, & we are still looking at each other. I figure he's someone I have met before (I meet a lot of people doing background work & stuff & at auditions), & figure he must recognize me, too. We pass each other, & when I turn around to look at him again, he's looking at me again. I turn back. Then I turn again to look at him one more time, & he's looking at ME again. He turns the corner, still looking at me, & I start laughing (yes, out loud) cause it was funny. He then comes back around the corner & says, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare like that, I apologize. I'm Marcus." And holds out his hand to shake mine. I am stull trying to figure out where I know him from, so as I shake his hand & introduce myself, I say, "Do I look familiar to you?" This is my standard line to people I recognize but can't place. He says I don't look familiar, so I tell him he looks really familiar to me. He says, "Well, I am an actor." That's when it dawns on me, I have seen this guy in SEVERAL big time things. He's not a "name" actor, but I know I have seen him in some pretty major roles. I cannot for the LIFE of me place WHAT I have seen him in, but I SEE his face in things. I *think* I have seen him in mostly tough, dramatic roles, like gang bangers & the such (yes, he's Hispanic). So I say the dumbest thing, trying to play it off that I have seen him in stuff (actors don't like to have to wonder if someone is interested in them because of what they have DONE or for who they truly are), "I'm an actor, too."
HE: Oh really?
ME: Yeah, but I haven't really done anything. I'm a struggling actress.
HE: Well, we are all struggling. *warm smile* How's it treating you?
ME: Not so well. I am friends with Garry Marshall, & he said he'd throw me a bone & cast me in a small role in his new film in January.
HE: That's great!
ME: Well, I have had TINY roles in some other films of his, it's something.
{then out of the blue}
HE: Well, do you have a number, maybe I could call you sometime?
ME: Ummmm...not on me, I mean, I don't have a card....do you have a pen? Wait, I have a pen...do you have any paper?
HE: No, unfortunately, I don't have any paper.
ME: Well, I have an ear plug wrapper. Complete with an ear plug! I'll write it on this.
HE: *laughs* I hope you won't need that ear plug.
ME: Well, I will need it this weekend, but I can get another pair.
HE: So, doing a little late night shopping? You'd better hurry up, they close soon. You live around here?
ME: More the Burbank area, I was over here visiting a friend.
HE: OK, well great, Alice...again, I'm Marcus, & I'll give you a call.

Ummmmmmm......helllllloooooooooo? No kidding, I couldn't have looked worse. Well, maybe if I had been wearing old sweats. This guy is cute (great smile) & has quite a few pretty major acting credits under his belt (& shit, if I could only figure out WHAT!!!!). And he's interested in ME? Ummmm....ok.

I guess I should wait & see if he even actually calls. It was a pretty weird thing.

And the problem with meeting guys like this? What if he smokes? What if he smokes weed? What if he drinks lots of beer? What if he has 3 kids? I don't know the first thing about him.

How odd......

And even more odd....I seem to get the most attention from men when I am looking---in my opinion---my worst. Go figger.

***edit: I forgot the funniest part. While I was fishing around in my SEE-THRU purse for something to write on, I came across the two CONDOMS in silver wrappers that I had put in there to give my friend, Mary (like I am using them!). Two condoms, right there in my purse, a see-thru purse....I hope he didn't see them...but it made me laugh (especially when I realized I had been walking around in public with these condoms in this see-thru purse...LOL.
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