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I saw Garry & auditioned for a "comedy troupe" yesterday (well...Monday...technically, it's Wed. already). They are called the Troubadours or something like that. Comedy, as you know, is something I want to do.

The guy who was in charge & auditioning us was running late, so I talked to Garry's assistant, Heather, for a while. She's really cool. I showed her my Haunt bruises. Then Garry came into her office, & took me away to his. He told me he watched my video taped audition for "Tortoise & the Hare," & that I had done "much better" than past auditions. He was proud of me. He said I was really close, but the girl who got it just had a little more. Whatever. He again mentioned his new movie, to be shot in January....mostly here in LA, but 2 weeks in NY. "Raising Helena," I think. It stars Kate Hudson...I think. :-) I should have a small role in it...but will probably will get cut out. Who knows. I offered to work as a "gopher," or anything.

The I auditioned. I auditioned with 2 other girls...the girl who DID get cast as the tortoise over me, & a slightly kooky but nice girl from New York. I was initially dismayed to discover that the audition was going to be improv, although I strongly suspected it would be, because this is a comedy troupe. He explained that they are doing a Carole King version of "A Christmas Carol" this year, working with Carole, herself. The main parts are cast, but they need a strong ensemble. He put a hat on the floor, & told us to pick it up & make it into someting....anything BUT a hat. We did that for a while, & then he grabbed a chair, & asked us to do the same with it. We then sung for a while. And then we did another fun improv. There were 3 numbers of personalities....1 was extremely smart, a know-it-all; 2 was in between, longing to be a 1, but content to be a 2; 3 was a real dumb bunny. He assigned us each & number, & a project, & we could only talk in gibberish. I was first assigned to be a 1. A 3 would be the easiest for me....I play dumb really well. :-) But I did a #1 pretty well, too. Then he switched us. I became a 3....and did really funny stuff, he was cracking up. Then he whispered a number in our ear, so we wouldn't know what the others were. I suspected he made us all 1s....& he had. :-)

I always think I suck at improv...but I always end up being pretty funny. I think I did well this time, because I just let go & stopped worrying about it & over-thinking it. Now I just feel I will get whatever parts I am meant to get. When it's right, it will happen.

He took all our numbers & said we all did great, explained some more stuff to us, & said rehearsals would be REALLY flexible, as would performances. I *assume* I got it....but it was a bit unclear. It's only about $5 a performance...but maybe a good chance to be seen....and working with Carole King, & a fun group of people, etc. And flexibility is always good.

In other news, I have an "interview" for "Hidden Hills" tomorrow. It's just for a background role, so I don't know why they are interviewing people. The problem is this....first of all, I have no idea WHAT I am interviewing for, cause the girl who left the message was laughing throughout most of it (don't ask me why). Secondly, IF I got whatever it is, it shoots on the 30th....I will be on my cruise until the 1st. *sigh*

There is also NO WAY at this point that I will make rent this month. I haven't paid a single bill this month beyond rent (a week late), health insurance, a medical payment, & storage. Gas, electric, phone, cellphone, cable, etc...all have gone unpaid. Pathetic. Working my ass off & STILL can't make ends meet. *sigh* I need a miracle.

My friend Joey grows fruits & veggies, & said he'd send over a bunch of fruits & veggies for me tomorrow. He's so sweet. :-)
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