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I'm bummed I can't go to the "Hidden Hills" interview. It would be cool to be a featured extra, instead of saying, "See that blonde head, that's me!" Oh well. And then I listened to the message, & I *think* it said I was interviewing for the part of a "dull woman." Ummm....I am wondering what about me looks dull? I know my picture that they have on file is of me giving my cheerful smile. *I* don't think I look dull. Maybe it was "doll woman." I have often been told I have a china doll complexion. But I think it was "dull woman." Who knows. Doesn't matter, anyway. I can't do it.

I am a BIT bummed about this trip. I could make money next week, & gee, maybe pay my rent. But nooooooo. I honestly don't know HOW I will pay my rent. And I just got a bill saying my electricity is going to be shut off if I don't pay the bill by the 4th. *sigh* Oh boy. I try not to get down & remain positive....I try not to stress about it because stressing won't make money appear in my hand. But it's tough. I won't get DIDDLE for my trust check this month, cause November is one of 2 bad months....like $100. I don't know what I will do. I cannot be late with rent again this month. I mean, a few days, sure....as late as it was last month, no way.

Haven't heard from Marcus yet. But come on, it hasn't been anywhere close to the standard 3-5 day waiting period...and who knows, he might have lost my ear plug wrapper. :-) It's STILL driving me crazy that I can't remember what I have seen him in.

I am still a bit surprised that I never heard back from J.B. He seemed better than that. I mean, we talked a long time, since early July!!!! We had a nice talk on the phone, & then a nice meeting in person. I sent him an email asking him to let me off the hook, so to speak, if he wasn't interested, just so I wouldn't wonder. Not a peep. Sheesh. It's "easy" to let someone down over email, you don't have to see their face! I expected better. C'est la vie.

I'm supposed to hang out with Jack tonight. I really don't feel like going out. Tomorrow morning I need to go to Central, wait in a long annoying line, just to update my info. And then, it's Haunt time again. My bruises haven't healed yet from last weekend!

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