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OK, so it was a night filled with slightly weird experiences again. Methinks I should just stay home. :-)

So Jack & I go see a movie (that's a whole other post). After the movie, I notice a wallet on one of the chairs. I pick it up, & instead of turning it into the box office, I decide to hold onto it, & try to locate the owner. For all I trust society these days, who's to say that the minimum wage movie worker wouldn't keep the wallet or snag the money? And I knew *I* wouldn't.

When I got to the car, I started calling the credit card companies. B of A was closed, but I got in touch with Discover, & told them I had this lady's wallet, & could they call her & let her know I have it, or at least notify her when she calls to cancel her cards that I have them. The operator thanked me several times for being such an honest good samaritan. I said, "Well, I would hope that someone who do the same for me." She said, "But we both know the reality there." Sadly, we do. Why do I pat my back for doing something everyone SHOULD do? Because everyone WOULDN'T, that's why. I think most people MIGHT have turned in the wallet (it's difficult & illegal to use someone else's credit cards), but kept the cash. The temptation was there, I am human & broke, after all. But I would never have been able to live with myself. Anyway, after Discover (who told me that 3rd shift people are not allowed to call out, but she'd leave a message for the 1st shift people), I called Citibank, & they took my name & number & left a message at the lady's house (I would have dropped it directly by her house, but she only had a CA ID card, & it had a P.O. box). As I was turning down my street (Sherman Oaks Galleria is about 20 minutes from me), the guy called me. They were extremely grateful that I found the wallet, & said he'd meet me anywhere to get it. He actually remembered me from the theatre (blue shirt...but he thought I had been a redhead!). I told him I'd drive back to the edge of NOHO (10 minutes or so) & meet him at Blockbuster. He showed up shortly after I did, & after expressing many thanks again, he handed me an envelope, saying that Selene wanted to thank me personally. Then he thanked me again for my honesty & was off. I opened the envelope thinking it was a thank you note, & there was $45 cash. Sweeeeeeet! I am so broke, every bit helps. That twice paid for my evening. Honesty is sometimes rewarded! :-) I would just hope that if I ever lost my wallet, I'd be lucky enough to have some honest soul find it!
Karma, ya know!

On the way from the Galleria to my house (BEFORE he called), they shut down half the freeway. It was bumper to bumper, & they were just placing the orange cones down. Well, a semi decided to wait til the last moment to get over, so he knocked over a cone, directly into my path. There wasn't space on either side for me to go around, so I drove straight over it. Unfortunately for me, it got caught under my truck, & I continued to drag it for a bit. I finally pulled off into one of the right lanes that they were coning off, turned the truck off, put my hazards on, & started walking down the 101 fwy towards the Cal Trans workers. I explained that a trucker knocked a cone into my path, & now I was dragging it. He tried to pull it out, but it was jammed. They asked me to back up. I did. Didn't work. They said to pull forward...it was still jammed. They finally got it loose. Sheesh. My luck. I hope it didn't do any damage, & that they didn't pull anything loose under my truck by yanking that thing out.

So I like Jack...but he talked too loud a few times through the movie....and that annoys me to no end. But he's cute & I think I feel some chemistry. He wants to see me when I get back from my trip, so we'll see. He's kinda short for me, though. I like 'em tall, ya know.
Not feeling a "love connection," but I will be a little patient.

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