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So.....sometimes the idiocy of some people frightens me.

I stayed up too late last night. It wasn't on purpose, I didn't mean to stay up so late. So I was up until about 3, & wanted to sleep til at least 11AM to make up for it (today is my only day off til next week). So not only does my dad call me at 8:30AM (I didn't answer the phone), but my doorbell rings at 9:30AM. Thinking it might be UPS, I get up to answer it. It's a guy from the Department of Water & Power. I quickly notice through the door that he has that little phamplet about the water-conserving toilets. He says, (dumbly) "Oh....were you asleep?" I told him I was, & I think he just said, "Oh." again, I don't recall hearing an apology (I think 9:30 is too early to be going door to door). So I say, "If you are pitching toilets, I can't help you. I don't own this house." He slowly says, "Oh.....you don't?" "No, I just rent." He shows me his form, & points to something, & says, "Is this the owner's name?" I look at it through the door & say, "That's not a name, that's an address." He says, "That's what I meant....is that the owner's address." I confirm that it is. He then says, slowly, "So......then.....no?" As in, no, I'm not interested? Beginning to think this guy is a total idiot, I say, again, "No.....I am only renting, I can't make those decisions." I don't even remember him saying "thank you," "sorry to have bothered you," nothing.....mind-boggling. Truly, truly mind-boggling. **sigh**

So I got a shocking email from my dad this morning. I guess he was trying to call me all night last night & this morning. He claims to have found a really good deal on a flight out here & was considering taking a whirlwind trip out this weekend. It's such a nice thought, because I haven't had a family member---any family member---be with me for a birthday since probably 1995...and I haven't had my father with me for one since I turned 17!!!!! I wouldn't have much time to spend with him, since I work both weekend days, & have my b'day party Sat. night, but it would still be awesome to have him here. I imagine I will get a "you are foolish with your money" speech, or perhaps my personal fave, "you need to give up this dream & do something practical" speech...but maybe I won't get a speech at all. Who knows? So anyway, after trying to reach him all morning, I finally get in touch with him. He says he was considering coming out here, but.....he just got a frantic phone call from my grandmother telling him that my grandfather, PaPa, is in Greenville Hospital with some weird infection. My grandfather is very old, & in frail health. He has diabetes & dementia, among other problems. Apparently, they are not sure WHAT kind of infection he has and/or how he got it, & when they tried to treat it, whatever it is did not respond to treatment. As it happens, my uncle Doug was already supposed to be visiting them in Greenville either today or tomorrow, so he is on his way there right now. He is supposed to call my dad with any news once he figures out what's going on, so my dad said he'd have to make a decision based on what he hears. He might have to fly to Alabama to be with his dad instead. What timing....and I sure hope my grandfather is okay. That's my new birthday wish.

Well, I gotta go clean for Karinn & Dale. My house is, as usual a pigsty. And I will only be able to clean it to a certain degree, & if my dad comes, he'll freak. Oh well....

My bank account is wtihdrawn by $14....and they will charge me at least $25 for that. And I desperately need kitty litter....and have $0.

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