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Has anyone seen "The Ring" yet?

I am going to have this entire discussion behind a cut, because THIS IS A SPOILER! Do NOT click here if you are planning to see this movie! Only click here if you have seen it already & want to be involved in this discussion. PLEASE explain this movie to my confused wittle bwain.

OK....I am totally confused by this movie. I consider myself a pretty intelligent person, but it made no sense to me. I was left with so many questions.

At the end, Rachel was implying that she was safe from the 7 day death sentence because she made a copy of the video, so she had her son, Aidan, make one. Ummm...she made the copy in the beginning. If she was safe all along because she made that copy, why did she spit that thing (horsehair?) out? Why did her nose bleed? Supposedly, the 4 kids who died & Noah....they all got "killed" because they DIDN'T make copies? Merely making a copy made her safe? WHY? I know she said that they little girl, Samara, just wanted to be heard...but does that imply that Samara spared her because she listened to her, made a copy, & showed her some compassion down the well? WHAT was Samara? They said she caused evil & no one knew where she came from. Well, where DID she come from? Was she an alien? Why was the Mr. Morgan so against the child from the beginning? How did the horses die? Samara killed them? The mother then "killed" (or thought she was killing) her, because she knew she was evil? WHY was Rachel not supposed to take Samara out of the well? Aidan warned her at the end that she was not supposed to be removed from the "dark place." But the killings were happening whether Samara was in the well or not. If Rachel was trying to bring Samara some peace, why did she toss her down the well & cover the well (causing "the ring")? What did the TV have to do with the whole thing? Why did Samara choose that medium? What caused the faces to distort in the pictures? What caused the faces of the dead to distort in death (being "scared to death" would't distort your face like that)? Why did Samara kill Noah? He tried to help her, too. WHY was Aidan seeing all of this? Why was Samara communicating with Aidan? What did he have to do with it? Why was she sending him messages? What the HELL did the ending mean? Aidan asked, "What happens to the people we show the video to?" And then they showed US---the audience---the fuzzy screen...implying what? Because we saw the video, we are safe? What's the implication? Why were the faces always scratched out in the drawings? Who made & how was that video made? Why was Samara trying to kill people anyway? Samara mentioned the man (I think her dad) not understanding, that the hurting would continue, as if she wasn't really responsible for it....someone was acting through her, or something. The evil was actually more in Cabin 12 of that mountain inn, because it was built over the well....and the video was just a tool? After Noah watched the video, why didn't the "phone call" go directly to HIS cellphone, telling him "7 days," instead of ringing through to RACHEL'S land line? HE was the one who watched the tape, so why would SHE get another call?

No kidding....I am sooooo confused.....I'm sure I could even think of more questions than the above. And heck, I hid my eyes half the damn movie. I couldn't even watch "the video"....so I guess I am safe. ;-Þ

Anyone realize that Amber Tamblyn, the teenage girl who dies in the beginning, is Russ Tamblyn's daughter (Russ was Riff in the "West Side Story" movie)?

Someone PLEASE, for the love of God, explain this damn movie to me.

And damn, that Naomi Watts is GORGEOUS, a damn fine actress, & pulls off an American accent really well (she's Australian, if you didn't know....dating Heath Ledger & best friends with Nicole Kidman). And the little boy who played Aidan...he was outstanding.
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