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I doubt Jack will get a second date. He came through Haunt tonight. Not knowing it was me, he reached out & practically fondled my face, so he's one of those dummies who touches the monsters in mazes. I hate that. That annoyed me. And it immediately jumped me back to our conversation last night, in which he told me, "I am 29 going on 20." Ummmm....are you bragging? If I wanted to date a 20 year old, I would. There IS that 19 year old at Knott's who wants to hook up with me. I want to date a 29 year old who acts 29 or older, or a 30 year old who acts 30, etc. Basically, I want someone (around 30) who acts his age or OLDER. All this "young at heart" bullshit. That does NOT mean remain immature your entire life. When he made that comment to me, I said, "Well, part of being mature is knowing when it's okay to be silly, & when you should act your age." He looks at me in all seriousness & says, "I haven't seen a need to ever act my age, actually. Not yet, anyway." Uh...ok.

Haven't heard from my grocery store friend yet. Tomorrow would be the 3rd day of the "standard 3-5 day waiting period." Then again, like I said, he might have lost the tiny wrapper on which I wrote my number....or just changed his mind.

I dropped about 10 people in my maze tonight. The new scare I am doing is GREAT. I scare the CRAP out of people now. Seriously. Even the other monsters are like, "You ROCK in that position!" People I scare come BACK to me & say, "You ROCK! That was TIGHT!" And they try to give me high fives. *giggle* I scared these two people SO badly, they dropped on their asses, & continued to be so scared of me, that they refused to get off the floor (they had to pass me to continue on), so the people behind them tried to step over them, tripped, & we had a 5 person pile-up on the floor. It was hysterical. My blackout (a new one, I think Cindy quit...she got punched last weekend) laughed hysterically for a good 5 minutes. It WAS funny. And then I dropped a couple, the boy & the girl. Both of them went down. And then I dropped some other people. It was great. It's so much fun to scare the hoobidee-doobidee out of people, especially when they laugh & appreciate it. It's also great when you chase them down the hall. I just walked down the hall after a girl tonight & she ran from me, screaming. It's great when they don't know you are behind them, & then turn & see you & run screaming.

I watched "The Hanging" from the tech booth tonight. That was fun, cause I got to watch the techs work all the sound effects. They hit keys of a keyboard to make the punching sounds, the crotch kick sounds, the sword sounds....they match what the performers are doing. It's cool. I had a tech named Brian walk me to the stage, so I wouldn't get beat up. He's the cutie I met playing wolfiegirl's scavenger hunt game. He's the "stranger" who gave me a coin. He offered to escort me to the show, & who was *I* to turn down such a gentlemanly offer? I did definitely detect some chemistry going on there....but I suspect he's pretty young (would guess 23-25).
I will see if Adam, another tech, can hook me up. What a cutie! And sweet, too. :-)

Then there's Gary, the guy who built my maze. There's lots of chemistry going on there, too. But he's "kinda" seeing someone...so he's keeping a respectful distance.

Some friends of mine went through the maze tonight, & it freaked me out when a group of people came into my room shouting, "Alice!!!!" I didn't recognize my friend, Tara, at first, & I was thinking, "How do these strangers know my name???" Weird. I forgot she was going tonight.

***SPOILER*** I am making a comment about "The Ring." If you plan to see it, skip this paragraph. So I asked in the Entertainment office tonight if anyone had seen it, & one stupid little 18 year old had (she doesn't like me cause her boyfriend flirts with me). I said, "Did you understand it, cause I didn't." She looks at me like I am dumb, & says, "Yeah, I understood it. The little girl was evil!" Ummmmm.....DUH!!!!! That's not the part I didn't get. It bugs me when people who really didn't get something, act like they did. The ending, as mr_dark pointed out, invalidates the rest of the movie. Whatever, little girl.

So I am meeting that fireman tomorrow. He has been really enthusiastic all along about meeting me. I told him I was full figured, & he says he's into that. So we are meeting at Claim Jumper at 2PM, before I have to be at work, & I, unfortunately, have to wear my glasses. It's either that or wear my SFX contacts & freak everyone out. I refuse to put in my normal contacts, then get to work, take those out, clean them, & then put the SFX ones in. Too much. So he will have to deal with my glasses. I hate wearing my glasses, particularly when I want someone to think I'm cute. Although, that guy in the grocery store saw me with my glasses, & sure seemed to like me.

Yeah....sounds like I am boy crazy. This boy, that boy, this boy, that boy. Whatever. It's kinda fun to be single. Jack's probably out. Chris gets a chance tomorrow. Gary is a remote possibility. Brian SEEMS interested, but what do *I* know? And then there's Marcus....but again, he hasn't called yet.

This weekend is gonna be crazy...then off on my cruise early Monday morning. Sheesh. And no money for that. Bummer. AND I got called to attend an audition for the next kid's show at Garry Marshall's theatre on Wednesday...but will be on the cruise. *ack*
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