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Met Chris, the fireman, today.

Yeah. Crap.

Liked him. A lot. We hit it off really well. reindeer, you'd be proud of me. I kissed him after lunch. :-) Well, actually, he kissed me, & I kissed back. *grin* We had a nice lunch, & he kept saying how cute & sassy I was. He's a really smart, well-spoken guy....VERY handsome. After we ate, we sat in his big truck. It's pretty high off the ground, so when I went to get out, I told him to come catch me. He lifted me out....& kissed me when I touched the ground. Sweeeeeeeeet! It wasn't anything major....short (but not too short) & sweet. And then he kissed me again later, as I was leaving. I would certainly take that to mean that he likes me, but heck....I just never know. The only potential obstacles I see with this guy is that he lives really far away from me (south Orange County) & I hate to drive, & my life is really complicated. But I definitely liked him. We had some great chemistry, pretty much from the moment he walked up. He was kinda sleepy, cause he fought a fire at 3AM! :-) He can bring his hose over here Heh-heh...

I got slapped HARD tonight at Haunt. I was sitting on a table in the giant legs room, looking to the right. A gangbanger walked up from the left, & slapped me, open hand, HARD across my left cheek. Instinctively, I hit him HARD with my machete. He then stopped to stare at me, & I said, "Keep moving," while SHAKING with anger. My face stung. I followed behind him until I found a blackout, & she took him outside. Line control held onto him while we got Carlos & Erin. Carlos called security. The guy looked me straight in the eye & said, "This bitch is making it up, I didn't touch her." Meanwhile, I had a HANDPRINT across my make-up....he wiped it off where he slapped. I followed him all the way....I KNEW it was him. He continued to deny it. We waited around for security....a group of young kids started talking to me. "Is your maze scary?" "No, not too bad." "Is Freddy Krueger in there?" "No, Freddy's not in there." "How about Chucky, is he in there?" "No, no Chucky." Then some man asked if I would take a picture with his kids. Finally, security AND Buena Park PD showed up...and it was Pat, my friend who is a security supervisor. He looked at me, said, "What happened?" I said, "This asshole slapped me across the face, hard." He said, "Are you hurt?" I said, "I'll be okay." He said, "No, are you hurt?" I said, "Yes, it hurts, but I will be okay." That was it. Pat walked right over & he & the B.P. PD escorted the motherfucker right out of the park. He denied touching me the whole time. We stared each other down. I thought he was going to be waiting for me in the parking lot after work. *I* know & *he* knows & *God* knows he slapped me. He can deny it til he's blue in the face, but his butt was still kicked out. He looked like he was arguing with Pat, too....Pat is HUGE...you gotta be some kinda dummy to give him shit. I was SOOOO mad that I positively SHOOK for a good half hour....not to mention my face genuinely hurt. He popped me a good one. For NO REASON, as well. It was the entrance to the maze...he had JUST come in. I was looking the other way...he completely blindsided me. Asshole. Well, he lost his $42, cause it was before 9PM. I hope he enjoyed that $42 slap. Bitch.

It seems a little unfair how security works this stuff. Daniel, my bunny, will get full on punched....and security will just warn the person to stay out of that maze. I get hit (& most other female monsters), & there's no discussion....the guys are just gone. Daniel had to say this the other night, "Either you kick him out, or I press charges." So they finally kicked the guy. I don't have to even ask....and the guy is gone. But a lot of times, particularly if it's a male monster hit, they don't kick the person out. I don't get it. A female monster on the streets gone knifed last week. Someone drew back to punch her, so she threw her arm up to defend herself...later felt some stinging in her arm...looked down, her arm AND stomach had been sliced open. Crazy stuff.

I scared the bejezzus out of two girls tonight (well, I dropped many more in the maze, but this was just out on the street). I was walking to the office for a break, & this guy says, "Can you do me a favor & scare that girl right in front of you?" What the heck. Why not? So I walk up behind her, & just stand there. I hear other guests laughing, saying, "She doesn't even know that girl is behind her." The guy called his girlfriend's name, & she turned around, saw me, & started screaming for dear life & ran off to the left...her girlfriend, meanwhile, screams & takes off running to the right. They both are zig-zagging, running from me....and all I am doing is walking. I didn't do anything to scare them. It was like out of a cartoon. Very funny.

I need to get to bed.
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