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I was watching an episode of "Third Watch" that made me think about something I really hate.

I hate it when people sexually pleasure a partner while in a moving vehicle. People like to toss around phrases like, "It's my life, I can do as I please," or "you're a prude," or whatever. But the fact of the matter is, you are putting other people's lives at risk. It's tough to concentrate on the road when you are experiencing sexual pleasure. Why would you risk the lives of everyone on the road with you, just to get off or to get someone off? How irresponsible & immature & thoughtless can you be??? Just for some jollies? Gimme a break. If you are such a horndog that you simply cannot wait until you get home, then pull the car over. People who cannot control their sexual urges, to the point of endangering others....well, I have ZERO respect for such people.

How stoked am I? I am trying to get as many Best Buy gift cards as possible, so that I can get a really nice digital video camera. Lord knows I cannot afford one. So I have asked all friends & family members for Best Buy gift cards for b'day & Xmas. Some are ignoring me & getting me what they want to get me, but I think most people are coming through. I have been teased for stating exactly what I want, but I think it's better than getting a bunch of stuff I truly don't need or even want. I don't EXPECT anything. I truly, truly don't. But I know MOST people are going to give me gifts anyway, it might as well be what I truly want, right? So I am hoping that I will get a $300 one from my grandmother. Her gift to me last Xmas (a really, really nice HP Photosmart printer) cost $399, with tax, about $450. I never heard the end of it, either. But I am figuring she will at least give me $300, possibly more. I asked my dad for one, so he might give me a $100 one. And today, for my b'day, Garry gave me one for $200!!!!! Woo-hooo! That was way more than I was expecting. I thought MAYBE $100, so I was certainly surprised. So $650 more to go!!! I imagine I will have to put some out of pocket money towards it, but I am hoping to at least get close, cause I don't have a dime to my name. I can't wait to see how many I get! :-)

Still don't know if my Dad is coming or not. I don't know why he would want to come out for such a short time. But since he might have to fly to Greenville (okay, Montgomery, Greenville is too small for an airport), he probably won't come. I chatted online with my uncle tonight, he's in Greenville right now. He said they ran all kinds of tests, including a cat scan, & the doctors are meeting with my uncle & my grandmother tomorrow morning at 8AM. At this point, he has something in his blood, but whatever it is, it's caused by an infection of some sort, they just don't know where the infection is. It could be something as "minor" as a bladder or kidney infection, but nothing is "minor" at his age (& since he has diabetes). My uncle said he was sleeping when he arrived at the hospital, so he didn't wake him. He seemed calm. My grandmother is frazzled, but in good spirits. I simply cannot handle anyone else dying anytime soon. So I sure hope he pulls through this. And while it would be so nice to have my dad here for my b'day, I certainly understand him needing to be there with his father should the need arise.

Hmmmm.....I just got these lemon meringue drops at Trader Joe's....they are pretty darn yummy. Fat free, & only 100 calories for 4 (& you really can't even eat 4 at once...too sweet). I love meringue on pies.....and these are good, too! Great....just what I need....a new dessert.

I am a bit frantic....I still have a lot of cleaning to do for Karinn & Dale to get here. Luckily, they are not coming til later tomorrow, instead of tonight, but instead of cleaning, I am sitting here on the pc. But I have this weird thing....I just can't get in the mood to clean at night. Strange, I know. I will try to do a bit more tonight, if I can get in the mood, & otherwise, I am going to wake up at 8AM or so, to have 2 hours or so to clean in the morning. It shouldn't take any longer than that....but I AM a very slow cleaner.

Watching "Temptation Island"....a guilty pleasure. I simply can't understand why any "loving" couple would put themselves into that kind of tempting position. And they all kinda cheat...most of them will kiss other people, maybe more...and then go back to their s.o. at the end. License to cheat....that's what it is. I would never take my boyfriend to an exotic island & allow him to romp with women far prettier than me! Granted, I am kinda the jealous type, but still....are these people nuts??? It looks like one girl is really sorry she came on...well, not sorry, but she is saying it took the show to make her appreciate what she had, that she was taking her boyfriend for granted. Well, next week's episode is the "video greeting" thingy, where they all talk to each other or see what the other has been up to. It looks like, in "an incredible shock!", instead of sending a video message, this chick comes to her boyfriend in person, saying she's done with the game, & she's ready to go home. But it looks like he is not quite as anxious to leave & go back with her. You just seem him struggling with what to say, & hear her crying. Ooooops! That's whatcha get when you don't appreciate what you have (& he IS a babe, & nice, too!)

I don't think I am going to get everything cleaned....more like a "toss everything into my bedroom" type cleaning job.

Sammy wants to hook up again before he leaves to go back to Chicago. He asked, "Will you come visit me in Chicago?" And I said, "Sure...when I win the lottery." He might come over tomorrow night & go with me & Karinn & Dale to my video party for the show I just did....but we won't stay long. So if he does drive up, he's not going to get to spend too much time with me, & no time alone. Hope he's okay with that.

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