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No time to tell about my trip today. I might have a chance tomorrow to upload some pics & write about my trip....maybe. I have AHAB tonight (After Haunt Awards Banquet), til about 6AM (!), & then hanging with a friend tomorrow night....so not much waking time in between. And then Monday, I have been booked to work on "Without a Trace" as a "neighbor" & possible stand-in for a little girl on the show. No time there. I have to pay my overdue electric bill on Monday or they will turn off my electricity, but I have to be at work at 9AM! I don't know when I will pay it. I guess it means getting up REALLY early Monday morning, heading to Van Nuys (it's not exactly close), dropping the check off, & then heading to the studio (I don't know where it's filmed yet). *sigh*

But for now.....my heart is aching. *sigh* Yes, I say that a lot. Yes, as per usual, I met someone on the cruise. That ALWAYS happens, I don't know why. I don't know why I am so appealing to guys who live away from me, but can't find a guy who lives nearby who's interested.

Anyway....I met this great guy...THIS time, it was a passenger, not crew. It caused some controversy here & there...but it was wonderful. While I can't really speak for him, obviously, I think we were both kinda expecting a "cruise fling," but got more than we expected. We have a lot in common, & the chemistry was positively electric. But alas...he lives in Phoenix. Yeah, that's "only" 6 hours away...better than South Africa or across the country....but still. And while I *think* he feels the same, I truly don't know....and he's SOOOO gorgeous & such a stud that I just *know* he's got girls falling at his feet all the time. I certainly can't compete with that, long distance. He's so beautiful, I found myself thinking, "Why in the WORLD would someone as gorgeous as him be interested in someone like ME?" Not only is he model-handsome, but he's also smart & very funny. Damn.

I will tell more about it soon. *sigh*
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