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OK....here are some peeectures.

Here's my cruise ship honey, Mike....isn't he handsome? *wink* Beggars can't be choosers, ya know.

OK, just kidding. I mean, that really is him...but he's much more handsome under the mask.

Here we are the day after we met, getting off the tender at Catalina Island. He's 6'4 & I am 4'11, if you were wondering.

Here we are later that night, for Formal Night/Captain's Cocktail. Take note, they put him down a stair, & he still towers over me. :-)

Here we are at dinner on Halloween night...he had to take off the mask to eat (duh)...at 6'4, wearing that mask, he was scaring the CRAP out of people.

And here's me & Rebecca at dinner on the first night. Rebecca is TINY (she weighs about 85 pounds).

Here's me & the FABULOUS aubreystar! I LUB her!

And here's a close-up of me & Mike, on formal night at dinner.
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