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It's hard for me to collect my thoughts & post this. I am still recovering from the weekend. :-)

I am simply exhausted. But I suppose it's a good exhausted.

I had my b'day party this weekend. I feared that everyone would flake, cause most people usually do. I had about 27 people confirm. In this case, I truly needed them all to show, because I had reserved 6 lanes without leaving a deposit, & I didn't want to anger the management. But I also knew, & explained to them, that California is full of flakes, & even the best friends can be flakes, so I couldn't 100% guarantee that everyone was going to show, even those that "100%" confirmed.

Karinn & Dale arrived around 10-10:30PM on Friday night. I didn't end up going to my cast video party, because they got there so late. As I might have mentioned before, I felt horrible about not showing, because my producer, Deb, had bought a cake for me, & they had candles & everything. They all sang Happy B'day to me over the phone (with great harmonies!). But the truth is, I didn't feel up to going anyway. I have had some freaky virus type thing going on lately. Friday night, I had a headache that wouldn't go away, no matter how much medication I took (& I don't like taking ANY!), & a fever of around 100 degrees. So I chatted with Karinn & Dale for a while, & we tried to get their dog, Jesse, used to my dog, Toby. Toby was a bit too hyper for Jesse, who's incredibly skittish (due to past treatment/neglect), so I put Toby in my room, & we decided to keep them apart. The cats were not as bothered by Jesse, even though he's huge (a German Shepherd mix). Jesse didn't bother the cats....and the same can never be said for Toby. I excused myself to go to bed, since I truly wasn't feeling well, because I wanted to be rested for my b'day party. It was going to be a long day.

I woke up Saturday morning, spent some time with Karinn & Jesse (Dale was snoozing). Bill Holz called me, & wished me a happy b'day. He actually didn't know it was my b'day, it was a coincidence. He called to tell me that he was looking for new jobs, & a few of the ones he applied for were in California. After that surprise, I went to work. Shortly before our first set, my cellphone rang. My daddy had arrived at the main gate!!!! I ran to go meet him & give him his ticket into the park. I dragged him back to my break room & was so excited to introduce him to my friends. They were so excited to meet him. Erin had gotten goosebumps when I had told her he'd be coming! They know I don't get to see him much, & none of them had ever met him. He came out to see us do the show. Me, Alicia, Erin, Julie, Maranda, Amy, & my dad went to have lunch at Auntie Pasta's. They all got a kick out of my dad's sense of humor & stories. I think they now know where I got part of my personality! They were putting in their money for their portion of the bill, & my dad kept giving them money back. Maranda would keep trying to give him more money, & finally he playfully yelled, "GIT! Go on!" They were all cracking up. Erin said, "My dad would be like, 'It's okay, don't worry about it, go ahead & go to work,' & your dad is all, 'GIT'!" :-) That's my dad! He must be where I got the "speaking my mind" part.

At the treelighting show, Karinn & Dale showed up to watch with their friends, John & Lisa. John is the one they visit in Anaheim whenever they are out to see me, & I assumed that Lisa was a friend or girlfriend of John. Lisa & Karinn kept whispering, but they wouldn't tell me what was going on. Karinn told me that she ran out of time to bake me some cakes (that had been the plan), but they would handle the cake. They said they were going to run by John's & would meet us at the restaurant. We were going to Mexi-Casa for dinner before bowling. So Karinn, Dale, Lisa, & John left & would meet up later.

Dad came back to the Calico break room with us, & hung out with us & the carolers. My new friend, Jen, just loved my dad, & he got a kick out of her. Everyone thinks she & I are sr. & jr. versions of each other, she is 2 years older, & we look & act a lot alike. My dad is sitting right there on the couch when my girls go, "Ask ******, she'd know the answer." See, everyone comes to me with spelling & grammatical questions, because I am a bit of a perfectionist about those subjects. So they say (in front of my dad), "Do you say a guy 'camed,' or he 'cummed'?" As my dad is saying, "Time for me to leave," I tell them, "Both are wrong. You boyfriend 'came' on your stomach, or he is going to 'cum'. You can't add an 'ed' on the end of 'came,' because 'came' is already the past tense of 'come'. You wouldn't say, 'When he camed over last night, he brought me flowers,' nor would you say, 'When he cummed over last night, he brought me flowers.'" So that was amusing. One of the carolers told me last night that he wondered what they could say in front of my dad, & then he heard me say "fuck" or tell a dirty joke or something, & he knew pretty much anything went. Where do they think *I* got it from? My dad was telling me dirty jokes when I was 12! And I knew dirty jokes & cuss words in 3rd grade!

So we packed up & went to Mexi-Casa. They made us wait forever for a table. We had 12 people, & there was only one big one in the back, & a group had finished eating a long time ago but wouldn't leave. They kept telling us "5 more minutes," & then 10 minutes would go by. We kept offering to just be seated a some tables that were close together, but they kept saying, "Oh, it'll just be 5 more minutes!" We finally got seated at about 8:20, but we were supposed to be at the bowling alley at 9PM!
Everyone wanted me to open their gifts (those that had them there), so I opened a few. Dale gave me a HUGE bottle of Heinz ketchup. The joke behind that is that I brought along my own bottle of Heinz ketchup to Tucumcari & left it at Karinn & Dale's house, & I had told them how I love ketchup on lots of things. So Dale wanted to give me something personal & useful! Maranda gave me this gorgeous bracelet that I had set aside to buy at Knott's. There is this guy, Adam, who sells this gorgeous Celtic jewelry at Knott's, & I have gotten tons of stuff there in the last few years (he comes in at Xmas with the Xmas craft fair). Anyway, he got some new stuff in, & since I didn't have any money, I asked him to set aside this really pretty bracelet for me. So apparently, Maranda went over & bought it for me. Very sweet of her, & it wasn't cheap. Julie & Anthony (Julie's boyfriend) gave me a $10 gift certificate to Best Buy, as did Mary (who wasn't with us, but had given it to Julie to give to me). Lisa, Karinn's friend gives me a card. I thought it was really odd that a girl I had just met was giving me a b'day card. So I open it, & at the bottom, it says, "Cowboys suck!" It was then that I realized that THIS Lisa was the Lisa I know as "cutebraaat" on the internet, from Happy Cult Hideaway & Flying Circus! I couldn't believe it, & couldn't understand why she hadn't told me who she was! I had known her on the net for years, but had never met her & didn't know what she looked like. I never would have known her. She was tall & pretty, & I wanted to kick her ass for not telling me who she was. I was probably less than friendly to her, because I am a little aloof when I first meet people, & of course, I felt badly for that. Karinn said it had killed her to not tell me, & that's what they had been whispering about at the treelighting show. What a pleasant surprise that was! She had driven all the way up from San Diego just for my party. I didn't invite her originally, only because I didn't think she'd be able to drive up, since she has kids. Anyway, I scarfed my food as quickly as possible when it finally got there, & had my dad do the same, & we jetted out of there, leaving everyone else behind to finish eating. It was now 10 after 9, & I had told everyone to be there at 9PM, & *I* wasn't even there! That was cheesy of me! I called Erin & asked her & Shawn to go on over to the alley, to let people know we would be there by 9:30. We did, indeed, arrive at almost exactly 9:30, & Erin & Shawn pulled in at the same time. I asked them if they were just getting there, & she said, "Yes, we are, but Scott has been here for a while." Scott is Shawn's brother, who had told me that he probably wouldn't go. When I walked in, Scott & his girlfriend Linda were there, Jeff & his wife Rachel, Larry the tech, my friend Robbin from "Wizard of Oz." Shortly thereafter, Dave, James, & Enrique showed up, as did Daniel & Andrea. I had 36 people show!!!! Only a few didn't bowl. Here's the list, I don't think I am leaving anyone out: Enrique plus his date, Dave, James plus his date, Julie & Anthony, Amy, Erin & Shawn, Scott & Linda, Jeff & Rachel, Robbin, Daniel, Andrea, Robert, Larry, Bruce, Karinn & Dale, John, Lisa, Dad, Jackie & Joel, Maranda & John, Mary, Ellen, Alicia, Kenn & Kenny, Aimee & Matt. I think that's everyone. But it was GREAT! I was shaking almost all night, because I was so excited that everyone showed (with the exception of 2 people, & one had a good reason, & the other one hadn't felt well the day before), & everyone truly had a good time. People even want to do it again! I ran around all 6 lanes, visiting all my friends, running around showing off the thong underwear that Aimee gave me (I put them on over my pants), break dancing, bowling people's balls for them (they would always get me back). My dad had a blast. I turned around & he was bowling simultaneously with Robbin....they were rolling two balls down the alley. Then he did it with TWO other people, so 3 balls down the same alley. Then he was sticking his fingers in the cake frosting. I was telling my sister all of this the next day, & she asked, laughingly, how many beers he had had. He had only had 2, he was just having fun. Karinn got this huge sheet cake, & two small round ones. She got icing & had everyone sign the cake. That was a great idea. Around 11:15, we lit the candles...and when I blew them out, discovered that Karinn had bought trick candles...so every time I blew them out, they re-lit themselves. HA-HA! :-) I bowled pretty well, around 130ish every time, but that was also because our alley had problems, & if I knocked all but one pin down, it would still give me a spare! Which is fine by me! I eventually went in & sang karaoke, although I sang a song I didn't know that well, & I thought I sucked. Oh well. Enrique sang, Lisa sang, & by that time, almost everyone had left. (Gifts: from my friend Amanda, an adorable flower arrangement that looked like an old fashioned ice cream soda; from Andrea, a $50 gift card to Best Buy---for Xmas AND b'day; from the Tucker's, a kit with makeup brushes; from Aimee, two pairs of my fave thong underwear that her aunt makes by hand; Erin's gift didn't make it time---she ordered it from a catalog---so I still don't know what it is; Robbin gave me a $20 bill to get a Best Buy gift card; Alicia gave me a $10 bill to get a Best Buy gift card; and Ellen gave me a single peach rose.....I think that was all the gifts, plus some cards!)

What a great night. I was soooo tired, though. I had worked/performed all day, & by this time, it was about 1:30AM. My dad & I had to drive Amy home, so we didn't get home til around 2:15-2:30AM. I went to sleep at 3AM, & had to wake up at 9AM.

Sunday was spent at Knott's again. My dad treated me, Erin, Mary, & Alicia to lunch at The Grill. They all think he's soooo sweet. Maranda, who doesn't have the greatest home life (she is adopted, & her father once told her that they hadn't wanted her, but had to take her as a "package deal" in order to get her brother), wistfully said, "I wish my dad was like your dad." They all gave him big hugs, & just adored him. He liked all of them, as well. After work, we got dad a discounted hotel room at the Radisson (Knott's owns it), & we had dinner at Cucina Cucina, a yummy Italian restaurant at the Radisson. We had a nice, intellectual conversation.

After dinner, we went to his room, & I got the speech I was waiting for all weekend, although it wasn't so bad. It was just basically the "you need to find a way to support yourself" speech. He said, "If I thought writing you a check for $1000 would solve your problems, I'd do it right now. But it won't." He's right...whereas it WOULD get me caught up, it wouldn't help next month when I am broke again. It wasn't so bad.

So...it was an eventful, tiring, wonderful weekend. I felt so horrible yesterday, but I think it's just because I have to "recover"......I need to relax from my crazy weekend!

Yesterday, I gave my friends at work their Xmas gifts. I gave Mary a Mango scented perfume; Amy, a mint scented body spray; Julie, a rhinestone hair band; Erin a kit with an eye mask, brushes, lipgloss, & a mirror; Jen, Ravello perfume, the other carolers, cookies; Cherie, a soap; Maranda, a cute top & the same kit Erin got; and Alicia got a wish ring & a huge make-up kit. I got the caroler, David, some cologne (I didn't actually buy hardly any of this, most of it was stuff I had....kinda tacky, but none of it had been used, & hey...I'm broke), but I don't know if I am going to give it to him. I have a little crush on him....but I don't want him to think it's too much. I am quite sure the interest is not mutual, even though he's a huge flirt. I want to get little things for the carolers, individually, because I like them all, a lot (a few more than others...my faves being Jen, David, Liz, Mark, Danny, Dan, & Marty). I don't know what I can get them that is affordable. I am sure I'll figure something out.

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