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So how perfect does Mike seem for me....

Doesn't smoke, never has. Doesn't do drugs, has never even tried any. Feels the same way I do about both (we were both unamused by the "x-rated" comedians multiple pot jokes) & he hates smoking (& both his parents smoke). He rarely drinks, & when he does, it's usually mixed drinks, not beer (I have a particular adversion to beer). Of course, there's the little issue that he wants one kid, but he's still really young (25). That would have to be discussed if we started to get serious. He hates onions...*I* HATE onions. We are a great match, physically. There's so much chemistry between us, it reached 20 feet across the dining room....when I kissed him, he shivered. HOT!
He's intelligent, sensitive, sweet, affectionate, playful, open, & funny.

I am not quite sure where he stands. I *think* I know. I *think* he feels the same way I do. I didn't want to seem too anxious, but I couldn't resist calling him yesterday. So I called, & he seemed a bit distant, but not unhappy to hear from me. He just said he hates talking on the phone...HA!...another thing in common. I hate talking on the phone, too, but I have no other way to communicate with him (doesn't have the internet, although he & his roommate are planning to get it soon). We talked for a bit, & I asked him if he wanted to drive up for my birthday party in December. He said, "Absolutely." We got off the phone, & I went to work. When I got out of work around 2AM, there was a voicemail on my phone. Surprisingly, it was Mike (he doesn't have long distance minutes on his plan, either). He said that he wanted to tell me that he missed me. He was at karaoke, & he wanted me to call him when I got off work. I was hesitant, because it WAS 2AM. But I called him, & when he answered, I asked him why he was still awake. He said, "Because I was waiting for you to call." I said, "No, really." He said, "Really." We didn't talk too long, because he was really tired. I said how I hadn't expected to like him as much as I do....and he said, "Me too. This was really unexpected. Really unexpected." So I know we are both confused & surprised. We obviously need to talk more extensively about what's going on, but I think we should wait til we see each other in person.

I just know I really like him, am thinking about him a lot, missing his arms around me at night, & just really missing him...his kisses, his affection, his smile, his laughter, his fun....
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