Pollyanna (alicenwndrln) wrote,

I'm gonna take some cough medicine & hit the hay. I think whatever I have is slipping into my chest, as I have seen it do with others who have had this nasty chit.

Talked to Mike for 45 minutes tonight....*glow* We text messaged each other all day. Even sweeter than that is when he told me that he wasn't able to send text messages, only receive...until he got mine (I was seeing if he COULD get them), & then he called his phone company & ordered the text message service, just so he COULD msg me back. *grin* We had lots of fun with that today.

He also said the sweetest thing yesterday....I really liked the way he put it. I was telling him that I was happy that he felt the same way I did. He said, "I'm happy that *I* feel this way, AND happy that *you* feel this way, too." According to nutty, he's pretty happy right now. *big grin* I am, too. I think in my current crummy life, he is the ray of light I need. And what a ray of light he is...he is so positive....this could be very good for me. HE could be very good for me.

I hope I feel better tomorrow. At least I get to sleep in....but then I have to sit in 2 hours of traffic down to OC for rehearsal...and rehearsal will be miserable if I don't feel better.

There was a grip on the set today who was obviously interested in me. He was a nice guy. I kept wanting to say, "I am taken," but considering he never really asked, I didn't feel I had any reason to announce that. And it certainly felt odd to think it.

Now I know what Renee Zellweger meant when she said, "You had me at 'hello'," cause that's the way I feel. The second I made eye contact with Mike, I knew I wanted him. The hours that I got to know him....I knew I wanted more than just something sexual. The moment we kissed, I knew I was in trouble (the good kind, for once). And when he snuggled into my bed at night...that just sealed the deal. And when he whispered into my ear the last night, "I'm going to miss you....I'm glad I met you,".....well.....that was just bliss (& sadness, too, since I didn't know when I'd see him again).

This is gonna be interesting.
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