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I am tentatively planning my birthday party this year. It's tentatively going to be on Sat., December 7th, at the Skate Depot in Cerritos (yes, a roller skating party). I am guessing 8PMish-midnight-ish, but that will be solidified later.

If you'd like to attend (shouldn't be more than about $10), please express your interest here. I need an idea of how many people would like to show. You are welcome to bring a significant other or friend, but please, no kids. If you are bringing someone, let me know how many people total in your group. No need to respond if you live across the country to say, "I *wish* I could go"....I know you do, & I wish you could come, too. But please respond if you live locally & would like to come, if you don't have office Xmas parties, etc. A "maybe" is okay for now, but I will need to know with certainty closer to the date.

Hope all you local people can make it! It should be lots of fun!
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