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I am SOOOO freaking out right now!!!!! Holy crap!!!!! I have a GIANT hive on my left thigh right now! Came out of no where! My leg started to itch a bit, I scratched at it a little....felt weird, so I lifted my pant leg....HOLY CRAP! What a sight! No kidding! This hive covers 3/4s of the top of my quad, & my quads are huge, so that's saying a lot. I really don't get hives, either, & the ONE time I got them before, it was individual bumps on my stomach. This is one GIANT one (no kidding, I took pictures & am gonna post them, this is so huge!), on my thigh, it itches like mad, & just has me freaking out! It's the scariest looking thing, & truly came out of no where. My friend, erinbir, the nurse, said no more codeine, since it looks like I might be having an allergic reaction. But I have taken cough syrup with codeine a million times when sick, & never had THIS reaction. Yes, it was making me itch, but nothing like this. And WHY just my thigh? Why one giant hive? This is just flat-out creepy. I am going to take a Benedryl & hope that takes care of it (while knocking me out for over 12 hours, dangit, & I wanted to get some stuff done tomorrow), cause my only other option is to go to the ER or doc tomorrow, & I don't have the money for that. Not at all.

OK....back to freaking out.....holy cow.....

Check this chit out!

I took a bunch, it's amazing, but this is one of the best.....what's going on???
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