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Yummmmm....I bought some vanilla in Mexico, & made my own vanilla coke. See, I grew up on vanilla coke. Mom would take me down to Woolworth's, & we'd get them there. In high school, I would detour by Mtn. Brook Village on my way home from ASFA, & stop by Gilchrist's for a grilled cheese sandwich & 2 vanilla cokes...one for me, one to take home to mom. Yum. I loved them. Especially when they are made with JUST the right amount of vanilla.

So I was stoked when Vanilla Coke came out. But I don't drink caffeine anymore. So that kinda dimmed the excitement for me. So I get caffeine free Coke, & put my own vanilla syrup in it (this syrup I got in Mexico is nummy), & viola! It's delicious, better than the real thing, cause they don't put quite enough vanilla in it.

This pleases me.

The hives have gone down a bit. The only thing I can think of is that they came out when my body temp rose (from falling asleep under the covers). I fell asleep fine, was fine all day...woke up after an hour nap, covered in severe hives. Weird. But as my body temp went back down (I went next door to have my neighbor take the pics of me), the hives started to back off. They are still lightly there, especially the ones on the back of my left arm, but much better. This is just totally weird. Am I allergic to fever? Hmmmm. Strange. I'm gonna take another Benedryl before going to sleep. I have one left. No money to buy more...and no money to go to the doctor....so that's out.

It will be 3 weeks or so before I will see Mike. *pout* I wish he was here to take care of me. I had to make my own chicken noodle soup. ;-Þ

It will be beyond strange to go from living alone for 5+ years to living with someone again, when that happens. I mean, I am sure it will someday. And how much of an adjustment will it be? Weird.
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