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I just got back from my pointless doctor visit.

Tried to go to the county clinic. Got there, parked far away (parking was full), no one would help me, no forms, etc. It was a nightmare. So I left. I called my regular doctor, hoping they wouldn't turn me away simply because I owe them money. I got an appointment right away, so literally drove from the clinic to my doctor's.

Showed him the pics of my hives, since I didn't have any at the moment.

The verdict? I have a virus...and yeah, that is one of those things that anitbiotics don't help. There is nothing I can take for my illness. And he thinks the hives are an allergic reaction to whatever the virus is. It could take 2 weeks for everything to work it's way out of my system, but there's nothing I can take. He gave me Allegra to take for 2 weeks, to try to prevent the hives.

Great....so I have been getting WORSE instead of better, but I just have to let this play out? What WAS the point of that doctor's visit that I didn't have money for? Sheesh.
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