Pollyanna (alicenwndrln) wrote,

"Fear Factor." I do enjoy this show. Can't explain why.

But I am curious. What does eating DISGUSTING things have to do with fear? I wouldn't call a distaste for disgusting things a "fear." I would call it normal. A fear is something that not everyone has....like a fear of spiders, or roaches, or water, or heights, or clowns, etc. And actual fear. Eating live slugs, drinking cow bile, eating buffalo testicles, pig anuses, that has nothing to do with fear. It's just disgusting. And the fact that anyone thinks $50K is worth THAT....they are NUTS.

I am broke & desperate for money...and I STILL wouldn't do it. For one thing, you could eat/drink these disgusting things...and STILL not win in the end.

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