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As I told chappell earlier, I couldn't catch a break if I had a giant mitt.

***warning*** This post might be a bit gross. If you are eating or have a queasy stomach, pass it on by.****

I have been waking up the last few mornings with my eyes all crusty. Having to clean my eyes off with all the dried goo....it's been kinda gross. Well, hey, my first nose blow in the morning has been full of "chunks," why not my eyes, right?

Today, the left eye was extra crusty.

I get up, go to the bathroom, passing by the mirror. And notice from a distance how red my left eye is. I look closer, pull the skin down, & it's bright red throughout the whole eye. Yep. Looks like pinkeye. How did I get that? Has the virus decided to move into my eye? What the hell? The virus debilitating my body wasn't bad enough? The hives weren't bad enough? Now I have to get pinkeye, too?
I got lucky with my doctor's visit on Friday. They are supposed to charge me the full visit ($56 or whatever) & only charged me $10. And I didn't need medicine, so I got lucky there. I am going to call my doctor (they are on lunch right now), but I KNOW he's going to say "you have to come in & let me see you." I can't afford another visit, especially if they charge me the correct amount (whether they do or don't, I will get a bill for the rest). And then I am going to need drops for my eye (which just now is starting to throb a bit), where am I getting money for that? *sigh*

This just goes from bad to worse, I swear.
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