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Why do we, as human beings, so frequently make assumptions (I am including myself in the "we")??? You say something, meaning one thing, & someone assumes you meant something else....& without checking to see what you meant, the person just assumes.

For instance, I called my doctor earlier to talk to him about this pinkeye development. I left a message, because obviously, they don't just put you through to the doctor. 4PM rolls around, no phone call, & I have to leave for rehearsal. This is no big deal, doctors get really busy, I don't expect them to drop everything to call me. So I call just to give them my cellphone number, so that when Dr. Lee calls, he can get me....if he called the number I left---my home number---obviously, I wouldn't be there. So I call, & I say, "I called & left a message for Dr. Lee, & he hasn't called yet----" intending to finish that sentence with, "...and I have to leave for work, so I'd like to leave my cellphone number with you so that he can reach me." Before I get a chance to even just FINISH my sentence (which would be good manners, anyway), she interrupts with a testy, "The doctors return phone calls after 4:30, m'am." I said, "That's fine, I was just calling to say I am leaving the house to go to work, & just wanted to leave him my cellphone number. Thanks." Sheesh.

To top that fun off, she calls back in seconds, saying, "Alice told me she called & left a message at your home number, telling you to get in touch with your pharmacy." I say, "I have been home waiting for a call all day, the phone hasn't rung." More curious, not accusatory. So she says, "Well, that's what she said, do you want to talk to her?" I say, "I believe you, I am just saying there's no message, but okay, I will call the pharmacy." So I get off the phone, call the pharmacy (the SAME number I gave them...I read it off a medicine bottle), & they say that they have no prescription for me. *sigh*
I can't win. I called back Alice (my doc's nurse, very nice lady), she explains they can't call in prescriptions anymore, they have to fax them, & she DID fax the prescription...apologizes, & says she will call them right now...and to give them about 15 minutes before calling them back (the pharmacy). Meanwhile though, I am not going to be able to wait for it....I will have to pick up the medicine after work (11PMish), & no telling what it will cost me that I don't have. Wait a minute....the pharmacy is closed that late. CRAPOLA. My eye is killing me. This sucks ass. I swear....health care sucks....it truly sucks. BUT, on the positive side....God bless my doc for calling in a prescription without me having to pay to see him....however, I sure hope it actually IS pinkeye! *sigh*

I've got to get a job....I just have no clue what I can do. I got a phone call from my phone company today...I guess they are about to shut my phone off. La la la la la.....

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